Corydora catfish (cories) are great for smaller aquariums

Corydoras or cories are a kind of armored catfish. Found in tropical freshwater, they are a great choice for small aquariums. This is thanks to many of the characteristics of this group of fish. Cory cats in the wild prefer to live in environments with almost still waters such as small ponds. The living conditions can easily be duplicated when planning to keep them as small aquarium fish in your home.

In addition, cories are an ornamental fish. Many an aquarist has derived enjoyment from watching their corydoras in small aquariums. There are many different kinds of favorite ornamental cory cats within the species.

When put in a small aquarium environment, corydoras are happiest when sharing space in a group of three or more. A variety of other species of small aquarium fish can live harmoniously together with corys, as the corys are not at all aggressive. In fact, they are rather shy. Nevertheless, they are a hardy bunch. The longevity of the corydoras is just one more reason why they make great small aquarium fish. Corydora catfish spend most of their time on or near the bottom of the fish tank. Because of this, the best food to feed them are sinking wafers.

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Aquariums maintain a delicate balance that includes temperature, a healthy water balance, and amount of light needed by the aquarium dwellers. To ensure the healthy growth of fish, there are equipment and accessories to help the hobbyist. Like other species of fish, your corydoras need quality filters, heaters, and artificial lights. Aside from this, there are more accessories that can be bought for an aquarium such as sand, decorative rocks, and such. The most important element of an aquarium, however, is the fish. So populate that small tank with corydoras, and enjoy.

Freshwater or Saltwater – The ultimate fishy decision!

With the huge range of fish species one can choose between, there must be a quick and simple way to narrow down the options, and that decision is an important one! Freshwater and saltwater fish is the key question when deciding to start a new (or first) aquarium. Many factors, including level of knowledge, available finances, time commitment, and your ultimate goal for the aquarium factor into the decision between freshwater or saltwater fish for your home aquarium.

Many aquatic enthusiasts believe that saltwater aquariums are best reserved for the more advanced fishkeepers, but that is definitely oversimplifying the case. The better thought would be that it is not about how advanced you are at keeping fish, but about how willing and committed you are to keeping saltwater fish. The basic cleaning requirements are more complex and potentially more important to the saltwater ecosystem. If a saltwater aquarium is left uncleaned for more than three weeks then many of the fish will soon become ill and the tank will suffer overall.

There are many more parameters that need to be monitored in a saltwater aquarium. The constraints on salinity, water hardness, ammonia, and nitrites are a bit tighter in this type of fish tank. Of course, monitoring more water parameters also leads to a bigger financial burden compared to having a freshwater setup. Finally, freshwater aquariums do not require such equipment as protein skimmers – some of these specialized fish tank supplies can be hard on the pocket!

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If you are willing to put the time and money into a saltwater fish tank, then many hobbyists would agree that it is worth the effort and expense. Most aquatic enthusiasts agree that saltwater fish are brighter, can have more impressive colorings, and are more brilliant! While I am a freshwater fan myself, I definitely agree that many saltwater fish are truly stunning and there is no doubt that I will soon have both freshwater and salt water aquariums.

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Making your betta fish bowl fun and unique

Many people keep siamese fighting fish in bowls or vases.  A betta in a plain bowl with nothing else in it can be a boring site to see sometimes.  If you find yourself in this scenario, you’re in luck because there are a few tricks you can use to make your betta fish bowl unique and entertaining – for you and the betta!

The most obvious change you can make to increase the ‘wow’ factor of your fish bowl is to add a few plants.  While many plants require water current, aeration, and high lighting, there are a few specific species that will thrive in a betta fish bowl.  Start by adding a small amount of gravel to the vase or bowl.  Then, add any of the following species: anubias nana, marimo moss balls, or various small grass aquarium plants.  These plants require some light so do not keep the fish bowl in a dark room.  The best part about adding plants to your betta vase, tank or bowl is that the plants will use up some of the nitrates, keeping the water quality higher!  Be sure to keep doing regular water changes though.

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Another option for sprucing up your betta’s fish bowl is to add aquarium ornaments to it.  There are many small decorations that are small enough to fit into a moderately sized betta bowl.  These come in a wide range of options, including sunken ships, pirates, divers, other fish, dragons, etc.  You name it, and it’s available in a cute decoration for your fish tank.  The benefit of this type of decoration is that your betta can enjoy swimming in and out of it too!

Another idea for decorating your betta fish bowl is to actually add some decorations to the outside.  Remember the puffy paint you used as a child?  It’s a great way to add fun to the bowl.  Some good ideas are adding other fishy characters, or even plants.  You could try adding your betta’s name too!  Remember to only paint on the outside of the fish bowl, even if the paint is non-toxic.  Only your imagination will limit what you paint on the jar or vase!

Well, there are three great ideas for adding some fun to your siamese fighting fish bowl.  Try to have fun with whatever option you choose, and your bowl will really become unique!

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