Betta Fish Care – How to care for your Siamese fighting fish

For very good reasons, bettas are the most popular fish around. They are personalities, are great first fish for kids, and come in a variety of colors and tail types. When you know what you’re doing, betta fish care can be quick and easy. Here you can learn how to care for your Siamese fighting fish.

Betta Fish Care Tip 1 – Give him space

For some reason, there is a myth that bettas prefer living in small cups or jars. This if far from the truth. Like any fish, a betta will be happy with however much room you can give him. Siamese fighting fish do very well in 5 or even 10 gallon aquariums, and they can even have some tankmates like oto cats and snails!

Betta Fish Care Tip 2 – Heat his tank

Bettas are tropical freshwater fish. They are happiest in water around 80F. If your room is not heated this high, then a small heater will help improve the health of your betta and allow him to easily fight off diseases.

Betta Fish Care Tip 3 – Change water often

Bettas produce wastes just like other fish do. They cannot thrive in aquariums that aren’t properly maintained. If he is in a 5 gallon aquarium, 1 to 2 gallons should be changed weekly. If his tank is smaller, change up to 50 to 75% of the water every week.

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Betta Fish Care Tip 4 – Let him exercise his tail

Betta fish are natural fighters. Since fighting them for fun isn’t good for their health, there is one other way you can let him exercise his instinct to fight. Hold a mirror up to his aquarium for a few minutes at a time, several times per day. He will think he sees another male and will start flaring his tail. Flaring a few times per day will help his tail fully develop! Another option is to let him see a male betta in another aquarium for a few minutes at a time.

These tips will help improve the health and quality of your betta’s life. If you want to get serious about betta fish care, then “Betta fish care exposed” should be your next step for information. At only $7.95 it’s practically a steal! Click here for more information about it.

Fish Tank Setup in Five Simple Steps

One of the best things about aquariums is that they are a source of both excitement and learning.  Many people will be daunted by the thought of setting up their first tropical fish tank.  By following the simple steps of purchasing the necessary supplies, finding the best location, adding water to the aquarium, choosing the accessories, and introducing the inhabitants, you will see that anyone can easily handle fish tank setup. Read the rest of this entry »

Fish tank pets – What other pets can live in your fish tank?

Every time somebody utters the words “fish tank”, the first thing that comes into mind is a single or a large number of fish that are swimming inside a glass enclosure. This is to mimic an underwater environment so that it can be enjoyed by the fish enthusiast. However, while this is definitely one of the most common uses for a fish tank, fish are not the only animals that can be placed inside an aquarium. For those who don’t know, there are other kinds of fish tank pets that can be kept aside from fishes. Some of these can be used in combination with each other will some needs to be placed alone.

Shrimps – watching these creatures move across the aquarium can be a fun thing to do especially if there are many of them. Just make sure to keep the water in the aquarium level low to prevent them from jumping outside.  Some of the most interesting species of freshwater shrimp include red cherry shrimps, amano shrimps, and ghost shrimps.

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Snails – some species are considered pests as they will feed on your aquatic  plants destroying them in the process. Apple snails are arguably the most popular snails kept in aquariums since they are docile, bright, and fun to watch!  However, there is a huge variety of snails that come in such shapes as globose, discoid, conical and cup-shaped and a bunch of different color options.

Octopus – this is another unique kind of aquarium creature that can be housed by anyone who wants something other than fish. Octopi are marine organisms and will certainly be a centerpiece in any home!
Turtles and frogs – these are also great fish tank pets which require only a little amount of time and attention. They can also be easily moved and carried anywhere the owner likes.  As with all aquarium pets, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling your turtle or frog!

Crayfish and lobsters – these “giant shrimps” make also great fish tank pets as this provides a unique and different outlook for any visitor or audience.

As you see, there are many non-fish pets that can be successfully housed in a “fish tank”.  If you want to stand out and wow your guests, why not branch out and try any of these fish tank pets!

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