10 Gallon Aquarium – what supplies are needed

If you are planning on starting a 10 gallon aquarium and are wondering what fish tank supplies you’ll need to get it looking great, you’re in luck as this list includes the must-have items for your new fish tank!

10 gallon aquarium – this is an obvious place to start.  At this size aquarium, a glass one is a good choice.  The glass can be thin and still easily support the weight of water.  I personally like the look of one with clear silicone sealant compared to the black silicone.

Filter – Unless you are keeping something that produces lots of waste, then an undergravel filter is quite an appropriate choice. For small fish that would be in a 10 gallon fish tank, then this type of filter also acts to provide adequate oxygenation and water movement.

Aquarium heater – A 50 watt heater is the perfect size to bring the water up to a temperature suitable for tropical freshwater fish.  Most commonly kept fish will like a temperature around 70-80F (depending on the species).  Go with a submersible heater for the most visually appealing tank.

Gravel -The choice of gravel is up to you.  I prefer a natural look – either a mix of black and brown or solid black gravel.

Aquarium Plants – Some good plants for a 10 gallon aquarium include java fern, moss balls, smaller vallisneria, and anubias!  These are generally easy to keep and look great in smaller aquariums.

Aquarium Light – If you are keeping the above listed plants, then fluorescent lights should do the trick.  Many smaller aquarium canopies come with two incandescent bulbs which are usually sufficient for low light plants.

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