How to choose and attach an aquarium background

Say you just brought home a great new aquarium. It has several fish added to it and maybe a few plants and rocks or fun ornaments to it. The fish are healthy and active, as are the plants. While you definitely enjoy watching the new fish in their excellent tropical aquarium, something seems missing. After a bit of thought you realize the fish tank will be much better with an attractive aquarium background!

Aquarium backgrounds are great ways to instantly transform a boring fish tank into one with beautiful, life-like plants and scenes. After adding an new background to your aquarium, you’ll no longer have to look at so much of the filter, or all the cords as they run behind your fish tank. Instead, you’ll get to gaze at inspiring scenes with your fish swimming in front of them! Your fish will appreciate them too.

Choosing your aquarium background
With so many fish tank backgrounds available, deciding on which one to buy isn’t always an easy task. You’ll find yourself wanting them all, which makes narrowing it down to just one a tad difficult at times. The easiest choice is to decide if you want one solid color (hey, some people do!) or a scenic picture.

For solid colors, most are either greens, blues, or blacks. If you decide to go with a scene, you’ll get to choose from a wide variety. Most background scenes are focused either on plants, rocks, driftwood, or corals. It’s recommended to go with corals for saltwater aquariums, but they could work for a freshwater tank as well. As a bonus, most backgrounds have two different scenes on the front and back so if you’re having a hard time deciding between a plant-filled scene or a more natural riverbed image you can likely find one that has both!

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Attaching your new aquarium background
This is the easy part. Before you buy your scene, make sure it is bigger than your fish tank. Most backgrounds come in standard fish tank sizes such as 36 x 18 or 48 x 18. When you get home, just trim the picture to size being sure to keep your favorite parts in the scene (don’t worry, you’ll usually only have to trim just a bit).

Next, take the background to the back of the aquarium. Use small pices of invisible tape to attach it to the fish tank. You’ll likely just need two or three on each side, and a few across the top and bottom if your aquarium is rather long. Be sure to keep the screen nice and tight up against the aquarium glass to prevent any rippling. There you go – you’re done and can now appreciate your fish tank background for years to come!

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