Aquarium heating – guide to aquarium heating equipment

One of the requirements for a proper aquarium environment is the presence of a normal water temperature. This is very important since tropical fish and other types of aquarium pets require a specific range of water temperature in order to survive. Anything that is too hot will literally cook the animals to death while anything that is too cold can lead to weakness and death. This is why the proper aquarium heating must be installed in order to maintain a stable temperature in your fish tank!

There are many different kinds of equipment and accessories that are available to provide the right amount of aquarium heating. First is the basic rod – shaped heater that can either hung over the back of the fish tank or submersed in the water (if built for this).  They can often be found for $15 or less. This variety of aquarium heaters is the most commonly used type as they are a very convenient and cheap method of heating a tropical fish tank.

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There are also external heating accessories that can be used. These help not only in providing and controlling the right water temperature but they also provides more room inside the tank. Most of them come complete with automatic mechanisms that immediately work once it senses that the water is not in the right temperature. With this kind of aquarium heating equipment, anyone can avoid the sight of an unattractive heater ruining the view of the inside of the tank.  A simple option that allows you to avoid the sight of the heater in the fish tank is to make use of a sump tank.  This draws water from the aquarium into a secondary tank which provides the filtration.  The heater can be placed in this tank and will be used to adequately heat the whole system.

Heating pads that are placed underneath the aquarium can also be used. This has the effect of heating not only the water but also the substrate inside the tank.  Because little water flow is found within the substrate, in-tank aquarium heating does not efficiently heat the gravel or sand. You may find that your live plants become more healthy after adding heating pads below the aquarium.  Heating pads are typically used for tanks smaller than 5 to 10 gallons, and many betta breeders find these pads useful since each one can heat multiple betta jars to the optimal temperature all on one pad.

One last option for aquarium heating is great if you have a ‘fish room’.  Many people with fish rooms simply heat the whole room.  If all your fish can be kept at similar temperatures, then this should be a much cheaper method of heating your fish tanks than purchasing a heater for each aquarium.  Whichever method of aquarium heating you decide to utilize for your tropical fish, aquarium heaters are one of the many fish tank supplies you cannot avoid.

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