Aquarium rocks help make a natural aquascape

Once someone settles into the aquarium hobby and has a grasp of the basics, they often become compelled to start aquascaping.  Aquascaping is basically “landscaping the interior of your fish tank to give it a more interesting appearance.  Most aquascapers start with gravel, add various plants, driftwood, and aquarium rocks paying special attention to the interaction of the individual elements.  This article will focus on using aquarium rocks to help the fish tank mimic a natural river bed.

First of all, it is very important to know what rocks you can safely use in your aquarium.  Safe rocks will generally be inert and will not leach minerals into the aquarium water.  Aquarium rocks in this category include slate, granite, lava rock, and petrified wood.  Many of the ‘softer’ rocks are potentially harmful to the fish in your fish tanks.  Do not use marble, sandstone, or dolomite.  If you are unsure if a stone is safe, try putting a few drops of vinegar on it’s surface.  If you notice fizzing, then avoid that type of rock.

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Now that you know which aquarium rocks can be used, choose a variety of them in whatever shapes interest you.  Start with a good base of gravel to protect the glass or acrylic base of your fish tank.  If you are adding plants, it is easier to place the rocks first so you don’t have to uproot any aquarium plants.  Rather than scattering rocks and stones randomly, try to have an overall goal in mind.  A good overall plan is to start with long and thin rocks on the bottom, and to try piling your smaller stones on top of these, building up the height of your stone work.

There are some simple tips to consider when using aquarium rocks in your fish tank.  Try to leave gaps between rocks for your smaller fish to swim through and hide in.  This will let them feel safe in their new habitat.  If you are building the stones up to a focal point, try to have it located approximately 2/3 of the height or width of your aquarium.  Contrary to popular belief, the mind naturally finds this more aesthetically appealing than a focal point in the center of a picture.

If you looking for a good deal on aquarium rocks, click here to start shopping.  once you have your stones, be sure to have fun while aquascaping.  That’s the most important part!

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