Betta food you can count on

Anyone who has a betta knows they are great fish to keep because of their unique personalities, their feistiness, bright colors and flowing fins! Bettas have been bred for hundreds of years to enhance these characteristic. If you want to keep your Siamese fighting fish in tip top shape, there are only a few choices for betta food.

Atison Phumchoosri is a world class betta breeder. Atison is so dedicated to keeping and raising healthy bettas that, with the help of Ocean Nutrition, he developed a full line of betta foods. These adult version is appropriately named “Atison’s Betta Food” and is proven to be ideal for adult bettas.

Atison’s Betta Food has many benefits that will be seen quite quickly after a switch from typical Siamese fighting fish pellets. These pellets float and do not cloud the water. They are the perfect size for adult bettas – you won’t have to see your fish try to gobble down a pellet that is twice as large as his mouth ever again!

Atison’s Betta Food has 36% crude protein, 3.5% crude fiber, and only 4.5% fat, 8% moisture, and 15% ash. This breakdown is achieved by using natural ingredients such as fish meal, wheat flour, soy meal, krill meal, and additional vitamins and nutrients.

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The recommended feeding schedule is to feed only up to seven pellets per feeding so that your fish is not tempted to eat too much. These feedings can be done twice per day if your betta fish eats all the pellets given.

This quality food for bettas can even be used while conditioning your fish for breeding (and is used by many top betta breeders). Plus, you’ll be surprised at how low priced this fish food is! For more information, and to find the best price, click here.

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