Biorb fish tanks promote healthier fish!

Biorb fish tanks have really hit the market with a bang.  Their have one of the most unique designs for tropical fish tanks I have seen in the aquarium hobby so far!  Because of this, they are very popular with hobbyists around the world.  On an even better note, they promote the better health of pet fish thanks to several unique design elements.  If you use a Biorb fish tank, the inhabitants will be healthier.

Biorb aquariums were designed to be beautiful yet easy to maintain.  With standard fish tanks, regular maintenance can be a hassle and easy to forget.  Biorb tanks, however, have simplified water changes and other maintenance routines to the point where all that is required is a simple cartridge change every 6 weeks on top of weekly water changes.  How easy is that to remember!  Just swap the old filtration cartridge with a new one, and your aquarium water will remain sparkling and clean for another 6 weeks.  As an added bonus, each filter cartridge has water stabilizers built in, so your water gets a stability boost with every filter media change.

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We all know that fish require oxygen in the water to stay alive and remain healthy.  When oxygen levels drop, fish will become lethargic and listless, barely moving in the water.  They likely won’t eat properly and are more prone to infections that can result in death.  This is especially a worrisome issue at the higher water temperatures that tropical fish are kept in.  With a Biorb fish tank, you won’t need to worry about oxygen levels.  Research has proven that Biorb aquariums result in higher oxygenation levels.

Finally, Biorb fish tanks allow for higher levels of beneficial bacteria thanks to the ceramic media found at the bottom of each aquarium.  With any regular filter, your ceramic media is shocked each time you clean the filter due to the ceramic media being housed in the filter unit itself.  With each change, you lose many of the beneficial bacteria in the filter, potentially resulting in ammonia and nitrite spikes.  The ceramic media used in Biorb tanks is kept away from the filter cartridges.  Your bacteria will always be kept at sufficient levels since they are not killed off on a regular basis.

As you can see, these unique aquariums are more than just a beautiful fish tank.  Biorb tanks are setup and designed to promote the health of your fish! Click here for a great deal on a biorb aquarium.

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