Biorb light – Awesome Biorb LED 12v Intelligent Lights

When it comes to Biorb and Biube aquariums, they never stop astounding the aquarium hobby with innovations.  Biorb aquariums provide higher oxygenation, and are extremely easy to maintain.  When it comes to the Biorb light system, though, nothing else can even remotely compare!  These aquarium lights have a fantastic set of features that blow the competition away.
Biorb light setups are designed to work with the Biorb and Biube aquariums.  The Biorb LED 12v Intelligent lights have many benefits that are outlined here.

Low Voltage – safer around kids and pets

Extremely Long Life – with 50,000 hours of life in light, these last a long time.  Even when on 24 hours per day, they only need to be replaced after almost 6 years!

Built-in Timer – Automatic light timer featured in every unit.  The automatic timer will save you the hassle of turning the fish tank lights on and off every day!

Mimics Natural Environment – The Biorb LED 12 Intelligent Light system as 7 different light cycles available.  Some of the light cycles available mimic sunrise, daylight, sunset, and moonlight.  Your fish will definitely feel like they are in a more natural environment.

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No other aquarium light system comes close to offering all the features available in this unit.  Click here to buy this Biorb light and make your fish feel at home!

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