Planting different types of fish tank plants

When it comes to fish tank plants, there is a wide variety to choose from.  Aquarium plants come in 5 or 6 different types – stem, rhizome, bulb, rosette, and floating plants.  The planting techniques will vary depending on the type of plant you have.  Stem – Planting stem plants is done by removing the […]

Properly Using Fish Tank Salt in Freshwater Aquariums

Many people wonder if adding fish tank salt to a freshwater aquarium is a good idea or if it should be avoided. This is often considered if fish are ill or appear to be coming down with an illness, but some people consider adding salt on a regular basis. For the purpose of this discussion, […]

Aquarium plants – Grow show quality aquarium plants!

While anyone can do away with plastic and artificial plants when it comes to aquariums, nothing still beats the natural beauty of live aquarium plants for many reasons. They help in providing a more balanced and stable aquarium environment. Aside from that, they are more colorful and vibrant than artificial plants. Also, they help in […]

Fishtanks that are most popular with kids!

If you are thinking about setting up fishtanks for your kids, then it is a good idea to decide which type will be most appreciated by your children.  With all the options available, it can be tough to decide what aquarium setup will be ideal for these younger enthusiasts.  A great fishtank for children will […]

Determining what aquarium light bulbs you need

For newcomers to the aquarium hobby, determining the type of aquarium light bulbs needed for any given fish tank setup can be a confusing process.  The basic types of aquarium lighting include incandescent bulbs, fluorescent and compact fluorescent lights, and metal halide.  Other factors that are important to the type of aquarium light you need […]

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