Small Tanks That Are Easy To Keep

Small tanks are much easier to keep, especially if you compare it to the hard work it takes to maintain a conventional or super sized aquarium. For starters, you have a very limited surface area to work with, and that means you don’t have a lot of glass or plastic panes to scrub in case […]

Keeping goldfish in a cold water fish tank

Since the aquarium hobby is becoming more popular, there are increasing numbers of people starting to delve into what used to be rarer types of aquarium setups. One of these is a cold water fish tank. Despite fewer people having this type of aquarium, they can be just as attractive and fun to have as […]

Mini Bow Aquarium – Kids enjoy the fun of them!

Getting a mini bow aquarium for your kid is great way of teaching responsibility, especially in the pet rearing department. Besides, this kind of fish tank is small, compact, and very, very, very easy to maintain. Even your 5 year old can help with the fish keeping process. At the same time, since this tank […]

Try Out Wall Mounted Aquariums

Wall mounted aquariums are a fun way to add a new type of aquarium to your collection of fish tanks at home. Wall aquariums have several benefits over typical aquariums. They do not take up any floor space, can be hung almost anywhere, and are a definite conversation starter since most people who visit your […]

An aquarium set up to call your own

When it comes to their fish tanks, everyone wants an aquarium set up to call their own.  There are two easy ways to ways to fulfill this need, and one that is a bit more difficult.  These include choosing a unique aquarium backdrop, adding fun ornaments, and trying to specialize in rare, hard to find […]

10 Gallon Aquarium – what supplies are needed

If you are planning on starting a 10 gallon aquarium and are wondering what fish tank supplies you’ll need to get it looking great, you’re in luck as this list includes the must-have items for your new fish tank! 10 gallon aquarium – this is an obvious place to start.  At this size aquarium, a […]

Making your betta fish bowl fun and unique

Many people keep siamese fighting fish in bowls or vases.  A betta in a plain bowl with nothing else in it can be a boring site to see sometimes.  If you find yourself in this scenario, you’re in luck because there are a few tricks you can use to make your betta fish bowl unique […]

50 Gallon Mini Ocean Aquarium

If you are interested in a 50 gallon reef aquarium then you have come to the right place.  The Mini Ocean is a great complete system that comes with everything you need to get started with your fish tank.  Included are: teh 50 gallon fish tank, digital thermometer, complete system for lighting (with ballast), internal […]

Wall Fish Tank – The ultimate aquariums

When it comes to aquariums, there are two pinnacles of this hobby that almost every aquarist dreams of eventually owning – the show quality reef tank, and a beautiful wall fish tank. Wall fish tanks are sought after and dreamed about because they are unique, rare, and guaranteed conversation starters! Imagine this: you walk into […]

Large fish tanks are great for aquarium newcomers

For anyone who is relatively new to the aquarium hobby, the decision to start with small or large fish tanks is usually one of the first things that crosses the mind. There are proponents to either choice. Each size of aquarium has its pros and cons, so choosing what is ideal for the newcomer is […]

How To Get The Most Out Of A Small Aquarium

We all know how hard it is to maintain a conventionally sized tropical fish tank and the bigger models can prove to be a bit more work than some people are willing to undertake. Having a small aquarium could be the perfect solution, especially for people who do not really have a lot of home, […]

Before setting up your first reef tank

Within the aquarium hobby, the holy grail of fish tanks is widely agreed up on to be a show quality reef tank.  Unfortunately, for newcomers to the hobby, the setup of such a reef aquarium is not an easy thing to accomplish.  Rushing into a first reef tank will ultimately result in wasted money and […]

Freshwater or Saltwater – The ultimate fishy decision!

With the huge range of fish species one can choose between, there must be a quick and simple way to narrow down the options, and that decision is an important one! Freshwater and saltwater fish is the key question when deciding to start a new (or first) aquarium. Many factors, including level of knowledge, available […]

Starting a fresh water tank for baby fish fry

When starting to breed fish, it is important to know what factors can improve your chances of success. After the baby fish (also known as “fry”) are already born, providing a varied diet and maintaining the cleanest water conditions possible will help the fry grow at a maximal rate into healthy adult fish. Setting up […]

Why You Should Get A Large Fish Tank!

When you are getting started with fish, it is better to start with a large fish tank. A large fish tank means happy fish! Fish are known to live longer when their accommodations are open and pleasing to live in. Fish like to have things to swim around and a smaller fish tank does not […]

A mini aquarium can be the most fun!

Keeping a mini aquarium is one of the most relaxing hobbies you can find. Having pet fish around can bring about a very tranquil atmosphere to a room or office space. At the same time, maintenance for a mini aquarium is relatively easier than compared to the larger fish tanks. Typically, any tropical aquarium that […]

Marine aquarium lighting with metal halide lights

When it comes down to marine aquarium lighting, there is considerable choice any hobbyist has for lighting their reef tank. Some options include fluorescent lighting and metal halide lights. Most marine fish tank enthusiasts, though, would agree that metal halide lights are they best option for marine aquarium lighting. If metal halide lights are used, […]

Gallon Fish Tank Supplies – Supplies for a nano tank!

Most people who start nano tanks try their hand at setting them up as reef tanks. Nano reef tanks really are incredible pieces of art, but they still require most, if not all, of the care that larger marine tanks need. Though the sizes of nano tanks are quickly approaching a gallon, fish tank supplies […]

Fish aquarium supplies – at bargain prices

The first thing that must be done by anyone who wants to starts an aquarium is to gather all the necessary fish aquarium supplies. This includes the fish tank, the water pump, the filter, the lights, the fish food and most especially, the fish. These are the basic equipment that any one who is just […]

A corner fish tank saves space and looks great

Most people haven’t come across a corner fish tank before.  It is more common to start off with a standard rectangular aquarium, mostly because it is this type that is widely available in local pet stores.  However, for most people, a corner fish tank would really be a great option for a great aquarium.  Corner […]

Fishtanks that are most popular with kids!

If you are thinking about setting up fishtanks for your kids, then it is a good idea to decide which type will be most appreciated by your children.  With all the options available, it can be tough to decide what aquarium setup will be ideal for these younger enthusiasts.  A great fishtank for children will […]

Biorb fish tanks promote healthier fish!

Biorb fish tanks have really hit the market with a bang.  Their have one of the most unique designs for tropical fish tanks I have seen in the aquarium hobby so far!  Because of this, they are very popular with hobbyists around the world.  On an even better note, they promote the better health of […]

Fish Tank Supplies – Guide to buying online

The benefits of buying online include convenience, lower prices, and better selection of fish tank supplies. Many people have started buying things like books, DVDs, electronics, and many other items online, but do not realize that there are many great deals that can be found for aquarium supplies on the internet. You might be nervous […]

Home aquarium – best fish tank locations in your home

The location of the home aquarium is an important consideration when it comes to setting up any aquarium in your home. Unlike other kinds of pets, it can be placed in almost any part of the house as it doesn’t require space for movement and growth. However, placing them just anywhere is something that must […]

3 tips for marine aquarium newbies

Many newcomers to the salt water aquarium hobby ask how easy or difficult it will be to keep a marine aquarium for the first time. This is never an easy answer to give because there are so many factors involved in setting up and taking care of a salt water fish tank. On the bright […]

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