Aquarium Fish Tank Supplies – Where to buy supplies

Many aquarists, both beginner and advanced, find themselves wondering how to get the best deals on aquarium supplies. The concern with this stems from the fact that there are too many available when it comes to sources for aquarium / fish tank supplies. With the variety of supplies and accessories needed by aquarists, finding the […]

Using a Submersible Fish Tank Heater

Most of the fish commonly kept in freshwater aquariums evolved in tropical habitats over thousands of years. These fish are adapted to waters that remain in the high 70s to low 80s all year round. Even though these fish are kept in aquariums outside of their natural habitats, they fare best if kept in conditions […]

Safely reduce fish tank nitrate

When it comes to aquariums, one of the biggest issues in health of your fish and maintenance of the aquarium is the water quality.  Fish wastes include ammonia.  Bacteria convert ammonia to nitrite and ultimately to nitrate.  Fortunately, fish tank nitrate is considerably less toxic than ammonia or nitrite.  What many aquarium hobbyists do not […]

Freshwater Aquarium Supplies

We all wonder where we can get the best deals on freshwater aquarium supplies. One of my favorite sites to look for fish tank supplies would have to be Amazon! On this page we’ll list some of the best selling supplies from each of the major categories of aquarium supplies you are most likely interested […]

Mini Aquarium Heater – Benefits of the Hydor Brand Fish Tank Heater

Aquariums need a heating system in order to replicate the natural water temperature of fish. For mini aquariums, this is all the more important. A smaller living environment needs more help in maintaining that delicate balance that is ideal for fish to thrive and grow. Fortunately for fish and their owners, someone invented the mini […]

Qualities of a good fish tank pump

When buying an aquarium air pump, it is easy to just buy the first one you see.  This may not be the best idea if you are interested in getting a quality fish tank pump that will last as long as your aquarium does.  The pump is important to the health and vitality of your […]

An aquarium set up to call your own

When it comes to their fish tanks, everyone wants an aquarium set up to call their own.  There are two easy ways to ways to fulfill this need, and one that is a bit more difficult.  These include choosing a unique aquarium backdrop, adding fun ornaments, and trying to specialize in rare, hard to find […]

How to safely clean aquarium glass

No matter how much effort you put into regular aquarium maintenance, there will come a time when you have no choice but to do a thorough job cleaning your aquarium glass.  There are actually three surfaces you need to consider when it comes to this specific task.  These include the inside, the outside, and the […]

Aquarium filtration – Guide to filtration systems

Aquarium filtration is one of the most important things that must be considered when it comes to setting up a home aquarium for the first time. It is highly needed as it helps in the removal of many kinds of waste in the tank water which, if they accumulate, can prove toxic to the fish […]

10 Gallon Aquarium – what supplies are needed

If you are planning on starting a 10 gallon aquarium and are wondering what fish tank supplies you’ll need to get it looking great, you’re in luck as this list includes the must-have items for your new fish tank! 10 gallon aquarium – this is an obvious place to start.  At this size aquarium, a […]

Salt Water Fish Tank Supplies – Easy Reef Care

Salt water aquariums are often among the most impressive show tanks you will see. A well setup tank will easily convey the sense of being maintenance free – the corals and fish will seem to care for themselves! Unfortunately, in the real world, this is often not the case. Caring for a reef aquarium is […]

Marine fish tank – what accessories your fish can’t live without

Setting up a marine fish tank for the first time is not as simple as just filling an aquarium with salt water. There are several accessories that must also be considered for the marine tank setup to be successful. Also, if you have the necessary marine aquarium supplies the maintenance and care of the marine […]

How to choose and attach an aquarium background

Say you just brought home a great new aquarium. It has several fish added to it and maybe a few plants and rocks or fun ornaments to it. The fish are healthy and active, as are the plants. While you definitely enjoy watching the new fish in their excellent tropical aquarium, something seems missing. After […]

Finding Unique Fish Tank Decor

When it comes to sprucing up the look of your aquarium, fish tank decor is a great way to quickly make changes that instantly transform your aquarium. Whether you are looking for discount fish tank decor or just quality cheap fish tank decor, you are guaranteed to find something you like. Aquarium decorations come in […]

Supplies required by discus fish breeders

If you have ever kept discus fish, you likely have felt the desire to try your hand at breeding this unique species of tropical fish. The process really isn’t too difficult, and many people have had great success becoming discus fish breeders. Breeding discus fish does not require any special supplies. This article will explain […]

Properly Using Fish Tank Salt in Freshwater Aquariums

Many people wonder if adding fish tank salt to a freshwater aquarium is a good idea or if it should be avoided. This is often considered if fish are ill or appear to be coming down with an illness, but some people consider adding salt on a regular basis. For the purpose of this discussion, […]

Aquarium heating – guide to aquarium heating equipment

One of the requirements for a proper aquarium environment is the presence of a normal water temperature. This is very important since tropical fish and other types of aquarium pets require a specific range of water temperature in order to survive. Anything that is too hot will literally cook the animals to death while anything […]

Large fish tanks are great for aquarium newcomers

For anyone who is relatively new to the aquarium hobby, the decision to start with small or large fish tanks is usually one of the first things that crosses the mind. There are proponents to either choice. Each size of aquarium has its pros and cons, so choosing what is ideal for the newcomer is […]

Aquarium rocks help make a natural aquascape

Once someone settles into the aquarium hobby and has a grasp of the basics, they often become compelled to start aquascaping.  Aquascaping is basically “landscaping the interior of your fish tank to give it a more interesting appearance.  Most aquascapers start with gravel, add various plants, driftwood, and aquarium rocks paying special attention to the […]

Before setting up your first reef tank

Within the aquarium hobby, the holy grail of fish tanks is widely agreed up on to be a show quality reef tank.  Unfortunately, for newcomers to the hobby, the setup of such a reef aquarium is not an easy thing to accomplish.  Rushing into a first reef tank will ultimately result in wasted money and […]

Starting a fresh water tank for baby fish fry

When starting to breed fish, it is important to know what factors can improve your chances of success. After the baby fish (also known as “fry”) are already born, providing a varied diet and maintaining the cleanest water conditions possible will help the fry grow at a maximal rate into healthy adult fish. Setting up […]

Breed Bettas – a beginners guide to breeding siamese fighting fish

Siamese fighting fish are such a unique species of tropical freshwater fish.  They have unique personalities, are easy to keep, and are available in a huge range of colors and fin types.  Anyone who has this type of fish has, at some point, considered what it would be like to breed bettas.  While many nay-sayers […]

Fish tank filter – how fish tank filters keep your fish safe!

Having a good fish tank filter is essential in maintaining a healthy aquarium environment. In many cases, it serves as a critical factor which can helps in deciding between a successful and a failed aquarium. This is based on the fact that a sufficient filter must have the ability to do each of the three […]

Marine aquarium lighting with metal halide lights

When it comes down to marine aquarium lighting, there is considerable choice any hobbyist has for lighting their reef tank. Some options include fluorescent lighting and metal halide lights. Most marine fish tank enthusiasts, though, would agree that metal halide lights are they best option for marine aquarium lighting. If metal halide lights are used, […]

Fish Tank Supplies For Tropical Fish

When it comes to setting up an aquarium, there is always confusion about the best process and what accessories and supplies you actually need to keep your tropical fish safe and healthy! Well, there is good news in that the minimal list of fish tank supplies for most tanks is a short one. Don’t waste […]

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