Saltwater Fish Tank Supplies – feeding your corals

Feeding corals used to be a difficult task. There are stories of people trying to feed each coral individually, but thankfully this task can often be avoided! With many products designed to mimic “marine snow” there is less need to target feed your corals and filter feeders. Some of the best saltwater fish tank supplies […]

Betta food you can count on

Anyone who has a betta knows they are great fish to keep because of their unique personalities, their feistiness, bright colors and flowing fins! Bettas have been bred for hundreds of years to enhance these characteristic. If you want to keep your Siamese fighting fish in tip top shape, there are only a few choices […]

Choosing the right cichlid food

There are so many cichlids in the aquarium hobby today. This means that there is obviously a wide range of feeding habits for cichlids – a fact that can make choosing the correct cichlid food a little tricky at times. Cichlids are either primarily carnivorous or herbivorous, but many people agree that each carnivorous cichlids […]

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