About Keeping Tropical Fish In Aquariums

Keeping tropical fish in aquariums has long been a hobby for people around the world, but it is pretty new in the Western world. This hobby started in Britain and throughout Europe and was initially done only by the wealthier people in that region in the last one or two centuries. At the beginning of […]

Keeping goldfish in a cold water fish tank

Since the aquarium hobby is becoming more popular, there are increasing numbers of people starting to delve into what used to be rarer types of aquarium setups. One of these is a cold water fish tank. Despite fewer people having this type of aquarium, they can be just as attractive and fun to have as […]

Fish tank snails that are perfect for aquariums

There has always been a debate about fish tank snails, and this issue will likely always be around.  The concerns about snails are that some snails can help improve the fish tank, while others can wreak havoc in the aquarium.  While the debate cannot be settled by any one piece of information, a guide to […]

Marine fish tank – what accessories your fish can’t live without

Setting up a marine fish tank for the first time is not as simple as just filling an aquarium with salt water. There are several accessories that must also be considered for the marine tank setup to be successful. Also, if you have the necessary marine aquarium supplies the maintenance and care of the marine […]

Supplies required by discus fish breeders

If you have ever kept discus fish, you likely have felt the desire to try your hand at breeding this unique species of tropical fish. The process really isn’t too difficult, and many people have had great success becoming discus fish breeders. Breeding discus fish does not require any special supplies. This article will explain […]

Properly Using Fish Tank Salt in Freshwater Aquariums

Many people wonder if adding fish tank salt to a freshwater aquarium is a good idea or if it should be avoided. This is often considered if fish are ill or appear to be coming down with an illness, but some people consider adding salt on a regular basis. For the purpose of this discussion, […]

Wall Fish Tank – The ultimate aquariums

When it comes to aquariums, there are two pinnacles of this hobby that almost every aquarist dreams of eventually owning – the show quality reef tank, and a beautiful wall fish tank. Wall fish tanks are sought after and dreamed about because they are unique, rare, and guaranteed conversation starters! Imagine this: you walk into […]

Large fish tanks are great for aquarium newcomers

For anyone who is relatively new to the aquarium hobby, the decision to start with small or large fish tanks is usually one of the first things that crosses the mind. There are proponents to either choice. Each size of aquarium has its pros and cons, so choosing what is ideal for the newcomer is […]

Betta Fish Care – How to care for your Siamese fighting fish

For very good reasons, bettas are the most popular fish around. They are personalities, are great first fish for kids, and come in a variety of colors and tail types. When you know what you’re doing, betta fish care can be quick and easy. Here you can learn how to care for your Siamese fighting […]

Starting a fresh water tank for baby fish fry

When starting to breed fish, it is important to know what factors can improve your chances of success. After the baby fish (also known as “fry”) are already born, providing a varied diet and maintaining the cleanest water conditions possible will help the fry grow at a maximal rate into healthy adult fish. Setting up […]

Tropical Aquarium Advice – Dealing with Cloudy or Green fish tank water

Two of the most common issues that arise in a freshwater tropical aquarium are cloudy water and green water. These can be a nuisance to deal with if you don’t know a few tricks of the trade. This article will focus on cloudy water and green water in tropical aquariums and will help you understand […]

Biorb fish tanks promote healthier fish!

Biorb fish tanks have really hit the market with a bang.  Their have one of the most unique designs for tropical fish tanks I have seen in the aquarium hobby so far!  Because of this, they are very popular with hobbyists around the world.  On an even better note, they promote the better health of […]

Tropical Fish Tank Supplies – How your fish benefit from quality supplies!

Aquarium fish are some of the easiest pets to take care of. Compared to cats, dogs, and other pets fish require less regular maintenance. This does not mean that maintaining your fish tank is something that can be avoided or delayed. There are certain tropical fish tank supplies that are necessary to provide your fish […]

Freshwater Fish Tank Supplies – Fun decor for your aquarium

For many aquarium hobbyists, you initially want to just get your fish tank setup and stabilized. Once you have done that, you may find yourself thinking of ways to improve the look of your aquarium. After you have purchased the basic freshwater fish tank supplies, you can start spicing up the appearance of your freshwater […]

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