Safely reduce fish tank nitrate

When it comes to aquariums, one of the biggest issues in health of your fish and maintenance of the aquarium is the water quality.  Fish wastes include ammonia.  Bacteria convert ammonia to nitrite and ultimately to nitrate.  Fortunately, fish tank nitrate is considerably less toxic than ammonia or nitrite.  What many aquarium hobbyists do not […]

Keeping goldfish in a cold water fish tank

Since the aquarium hobby is becoming more popular, there are increasing numbers of people starting to delve into what used to be rarer types of aquarium setups. One of these is a cold water fish tank. Despite fewer people having this type of aquarium, they can be just as attractive and fun to have as […]

Tropical Aquarium Advice – Dealing with Cloudy or Green fish tank water

Two of the most common issues that arise in a freshwater tropical aquarium are cloudy water and green water. These can be a nuisance to deal with if you don’t know a few tricks of the trade. This article will focus on cloudy water and green water in tropical aquariums and will help you understand […]

Marine Aquariums – Advice and Tidbits

Everyone loves the look of a well maintained marine aquarium. Most people don’t know that the balance in a marine aquarium can sometimes rest on a thin wire between beauty and disaster. This leads to many questions about how to easily and properly setup and maintain a marine aquarium. The following tips will help you […]

Fish Health – Tropical Fish Diseases

If you keep tropical fish, you will definitely want to learn more about tropical fish diseases. When tropical fish are in the wild, they usually have very clean water with low hardness that is highly oxygenated. They have a large area to swim around and eat. and of course, leave their droppings. The chances of […]

Biorb fish tanks promote healthier fish!

Biorb fish tanks have really hit the market with a bang.  Their have one of the most unique designs for tropical fish tanks I have seen in the aquarium hobby so far!  Because of this, they are very popular with hobbyists around the world.  On an even better note, they promote the better health of […]

Fish Tank Cleaning Supplies – Using algae scrapers

Sometimes, no matter how well you maintain aquarium, you can get blindsided by an outbreak of algae on the glass walls of your aquarium. This is usually due to an imbalance in the nutrient levels of your aquarium or having the lights on for too long, allowing one particular species of algae to run amok. […]

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