Keeping goldfish in a cold water fish tank

Since the aquarium hobby is becoming more popular, there are increasing numbers of people starting to delve into what used to be rarer types of aquarium setups. One of these is a cold water fish tank. Despite fewer people having this type of aquarium, they can be just as attractive and fun to have as tropical tanks. Cold water aquariums have many benefits including being easy, cheap, and being quicker to during maintenance tasks. The most popular type of fish for this setup is a goldfish.

Setup for a cold water fish tank is very similar to the set up of a tropical aquarium. If you buy a fish tank in a kit, try to find one that doesn’t come with a heater as you will not need one. Situate the fish tank on an aquarium stand that can support its weight and make sure it is not near a large window. Add your gravel and fill the cold water fish tank with water. Add conditioner if you have chlorine or chloramine in your tap water.

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Next, you will add any aquarium plants and decorations. If you prefer live plants for your goldfish, good starter cold water fish tank plants include cabomba, vallisneria, duckweed, and frog bit. When choosing cold water plants, think about what plants do well in an outdoor pond, and these should thrive in your aquarium. Any normal decorations or onrnaments will be fine in a cold water fish tank. Finally, add your filter and get it running for a few days. Whatever aquarium lights came with your kit should be great for your cold water aquarium.

After your cold water fish tank has been running for a few days (preferably with an extra filter from an established aquarium), you can start adding your gold fish. When adding your goldfish, try not to add too many at a time, as you need to let your beneficial bacteria numbers grow at a rate that will let them adequately deal with goldfish wastes. Limit your number of goldfish to the 1″ of body length per gallon of water. Remember that most non-fancy goldfish will reach considerable size. If you have an cold water aquarium that is smaller than 20 gallons, it is recommended to stick with fancy goldfish.

Some of the more interesting fancy goldfish include the pompon, calico, lionhead, eggfish, veiltail, bubble eye, and celestial goldfish. Keeping goldfish and fancy goldfish in a cold water fish tank is quite simple. They should be fed flake food that is designed specifically for them; remember to feed only what the fish will eat in a few minutes (to reduce uneaten food), and to feed a few times per day. Regular aquarium maintenance should be done as this maintains fresh, clean water.

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