Common Ailments that Threaten Your Tropical Fish

Millions of people around the world really enjoy keeping tropical fish in their home aquariums. It is unfortunate when fish diseases take hold of our aquariums and fish tanks. Supplies/medications kept on hand can help you quickly treat any tropical fish diseases and bring your fish back to good health! But first you must learn about the most common fish diseases and ailments that you should be watchful for:

Nitrate, ammonia and carbon dioxide poisoning – Too much waste gathered in the tank can raise the PH level of the water and can cause bacterial harm to some tropical fish. Be sure to keep their tanks clean, keep proper aeration going and check the water’s PH level if the fish require a certain amount. Never neglect proper tank maintenance. Also, be sure to use the right filters for your tank.

Gas Bubble – Gas bubbles occur with improper changing of the water in the tank or by adding water that’s too cold. This changes the gas pressure within the tank and causes blister-like areas to appear on the fish. If this occurs, keep aeration going at a higher speed and keep the aquarium light off to minimize stress to the fish.

Ichthyophtirius or Ick – This is characterized by tiny white dots that look like grains of salt on the body and fin areas. This is parasitic in nature and can easily be cured if caught early. The best treatment for this is Malachite Green. Although it’s considered to be toxic to most invertebrates, it is considered to be safe for tropical fish.

Hemorrhagic Septicemia – This is a bacterial ailment seen in goldfish. It’s characterized by blood-red streaks found on the fins closest to the body. These appear with no other signs of skin damage. To treat this condition, use an antibiotic treatment, such as tetracycline to cure it. Consult a professional on the best brand name of antibiotic to use for your fish.

Velvet – This is parasitic in nature and attacks open wounds and then spreads to the fish’s gills. It appears on the fish as a yellowish brown or gray dusting along the dorsal fins. You may also notice the fish is panting and scratching these areas. It can be easily treated with any commercial medication made for this kind of ailment.

Dropsy – This is another bacterial ailment that affects the kidneys. The symptoms for this can be seen as a bloating of the fish with their fins standing out. If caught early, this can be easily treated with medications to help the inner bacterial infections and prevent further kidney damage.

These are just some of the many common health issues that you could come across when caring for your tropical fish. It’s important to take good care of the fish from the beginning to help minimize their chances of contracting any of these types of ailments.

No matter how well you take care of your fish, sometimes these problems can still occur, so check your fish daily for any signs and catch the issues early on so that they can be on the road to recovery right away.

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