A corner fish tank saves space and looks great

Most people haven’t come across a corner fish tank before.  It is more common to start off with a standard rectangular aquarium, mostly because it is this type that is widely available in local pet stores.  However, for most people, a corner fish tank would really be a great option for a great aquarium.  Corner fish tanks definitely help save space while being unique enough to double as a feature show tank in any room.

A corner fish tank is a perfect space saver.  Placing an aquarium in a corner allows you to maximize the use of space in any room. You won’t lose much walking space near the aquarium like is typical for fish tanks that are placed along any wall.  You can save the extra wall space for furniture or any other purpose.  Best of all, corner fish tanks usually fit into the flow of a room.

Corner fish tanks are best used as the feature in any room.  They are perfect for show tanks because the eye is naturally drawn to a beautiful aquarium that is placed where the lines of two walls join.  Because most people haven’t seen a corner fish tank before, visitors will thoroughly enjoy your interesting focal point to the room.  This works even better if you have a nicely planted tank with a variety of species of fish and aquarium plants.

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Corner fish tanks usually have unique shapes.  They come in a variety of bow front options and triangular shapes.  Some companies even produce a line of corner fish tanks that are L-shaped.  Most of these designs allow you to pack a lot of gallons into a tight corner, making more use of limited space in a small room.  Plus, it’s fun to look at a uniquely-designed corner aquarium.

If you don’t want to get involved with custom corner aquariums, another option is to have a nice stand or table set into a corner.  You can then place a biorb aquarium on this, which also makes great use of corner space in a room.  Biorb tanks amplify the appearance of the fish in them and are easy to maintain!  Their unique appearance make them perfect substitutes for other corner fish tank options.

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