Corydora catfish (cories) are great for smaller aquariums

Corydoras or cories are a kind of armored catfish. Found in tropical freshwater, they are a great choice for small aquariums. This is thanks to many of the characteristics of this group of fish. Cory cats in the wild prefer to live in environments with almost still waters such as small ponds. The living conditions can easily be duplicated when planning to keep them as small aquarium fish in your home.

In addition, cories are an ornamental fish. Many an aquarist has derived enjoyment from watching their corydoras in small aquariums. There are many different kinds of favorite ornamental cory cats within the species.

When put in a small aquarium environment, corydoras are happiest when sharing space in a group of three or more. A variety of other species of small aquarium fish can live harmoniously together with corys, as the corys are not at all aggressive. In fact, they are rather shy. Nevertheless, they are a hardy bunch. The longevity of the corydoras is just one more reason why they make great small aquarium fish. Corydora catfish spend most of their time on or near the bottom of the fish tank. Because of this, the best food to feed them are sinking wafers.

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Aquariums maintain a delicate balance that includes temperature, a healthy water balance, and amount of light needed by the aquarium dwellers. To ensure the healthy growth of fish, there are equipment and accessories to help the hobbyist. Like other species of fish, your corydoras need quality filters, heaters, and artificial lights. Aside from this, there are more accessories that can be bought for an aquarium such as sand, decorative rocks, and such. The most important element of an aquarium, however, is the fish. So populate that small tank with corydoras, and enjoy.

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