Desktop Aquariums Are Great For The Workplace

Whoever said that keeping pets in the workplace has to be a hassle? As long as the pet is not very too loud or mobile enough that it bothers your colleagues, or requires a lot of living space to thrive, then everything should be fine. This is the reason why many office workers like keeping some finny friends around. Having an office aquarium may be just the thing to help rid you of everyday stress.

Because fish generally do not require high maintenance care, these pets are ideal for small working environments. A desktop aquarium or a fish tank that is compact enough to fit a small space on top of any table may be just the thing for you. However, to ensure that your desktop aquarium is as hassle free as it should be, there are several aspects to consider.

Where exactly do you plan to install your aquarium? Even a small fish tank in the range of 5 gallons would need an electrical connection for its aquarium pump, lights, filter, etc. You will need to ensure that the wires are not exposed so as to avoid any colleagues tripping on them. A sturdy table – one that is not often rocked or bumped into – should be ideal. This would keep water from splashing all over the place, and keep your fish pets from being jostled about too much.

It would also be wiser to place the aquarium someplace where it cannot be reached by direct sunlight, or be subjected to too much heat from nearby electrical appliances or gadgets. This is to ensure that algae and moldy growth are kept at a minimum. At the same time, it keeps the water temperature constant inside the fish tank which is most beneficial to your pets.

Keeping a desktop aquarium can definitely be a worthwhile hobby that will perhaps give a bit of fun distraction at work. As long as you have permission from your employer, a sturdy desk, and a good location it is easy to keep some fun tropical fish in a mini desktop tank at work!

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