Making your betta fish bowl fun and unique

Many people keep siamese fighting fish in bowls or vases.  A betta in a plain bowl with nothing else in it can be a boring site to see sometimes.  If you find yourself in this scenario, you’re in luck because there are a few tricks you can use to make your betta fish bowl unique and entertaining – for you and the betta!

The most obvious change you can make to increase the ‘wow’ factor of your fish bowl is to add a few plants.  While many plants require water current, aeration, and high lighting, there are a few specific species that will thrive in a betta fish bowl.  Start by adding a small amount of gravel to the vase or bowl.  Then, add any of the following species: anubias nana, marimo moss balls, or various small grass aquarium plants.  These plants require some light so do not keep the fish bowl in a dark room.  The best part about adding plants to your betta vase, tank or bowl is that the plants will use up some of the nitrates, keeping the water quality higher!  Be sure to keep doing regular water changes though.

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Another option for sprucing up your betta’s fish bowl is to add aquarium ornaments to it.  There are many small decorations that are small enough to fit into a moderately sized betta bowl.  These come in a wide range of options, including sunken ships, pirates, divers, other fish, dragons, etc.  You name it, and it’s available in a cute decoration for your fish tank.  The benefit of this type of decoration is that your betta can enjoy swimming in and out of it too!

Another idea for decorating your betta fish bowl is to actually add some decorations to the outside.  Remember the puffy paint you used as a child?  It’s a great way to add fun to the bowl.  Some good ideas are adding other fishy characters, or even plants.  You could try adding your betta’s name too!  Remember to only paint on the outside of the fish bowl, even if the paint is non-toxic.  Only your imagination will limit what you paint on the jar or vase!

Well, there are three great ideas for adding some fun to your siamese fighting fish bowl.  Try to have fun with whatever option you choose, and your bowl will really become unique!

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