Fish Tank Cleaning Supplies – Using algae scrapers

Sometimes, no matter how well you maintain aquarium, you can get blindsided by an outbreak of algae on the glass walls of your aquarium. This is usually due to an imbalance in the nutrient levels of your aquarium or having the lights on for too long, allowing one particular species of algae to run amok. Thankfully, cleaning up and getting rid of the algae is pretty easy with the fish tank cleaning supplies available today.

Cleaning algae off the walls of your aquarium is easy if you have a decent algae scraper. These come in many different sizes, consistencies, and materials. While any of the scrapers should be able to scrape off the algae, the best ones are usually made from a semi-rough material to scour away the algae without ruining the glass of your fish tank.

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Cleaning supplies to look out for will have nice long, sturdy handles. It’s important to be able to reach into all the far corners of your aquarium without putting your arm into the tank – especially if you have fish with sharp teeth (piranhas for example). If you are buying an algae scrubber, try to find one with a stiff plastic edge on the end that you can use as it can also be used to get rid of calcium spots too.

Another option to consider is using the magnetic scrubbers. These come with the scrubbing pad for inside the tank, and a matched magnetic bar that stays outside your aquarium. The magnetic portion allows you to guide the scrubber from outside the aquarium. When you’re done, either hide the scrub pad in a back corner, or bring it to the top and take it out. Either way, these can be really handy.

And of course, the best control is preventing the algae from taking over in the first place. Once your tank is clean again, try a 20% water change and try to find out what caused the outbreak in the first place. For great deals on algae scrapers, click hereicon.

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