Fish tank filter – how fish tank filters keep your fish safe!

Having a good fish tank filter is essential in maintaining a healthy aquarium environment. In many cases, it serves as a critical factor which can helps in deciding between a successful and a failed aquarium. This is based on the fact that a sufficient filter must have the ability to do each of the three filtration tasks quite well. These processes involve biological, mechanical and chemical filtration of the water in your fish tank.

Biological filtration
– a fish tank filter must be able to promote the growth of good and essential bacteria as well as remove the unwanted ones. Beneficial bacteria are an essential part of not only an aquarium environment but of any type of ecosystem. They help in the nitrogen cycle which is essential for the balance and stability of the underwater environment. The ‘good bacteria’ ultimately convert the ammonia (from the fish waste) to nitrite then nitrate which is much less toxic to your fish.

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Mechanical filtration – this is an obvious function of an in-tank filter as it helps in removing any solid particles from the water. It does this by sucking them inside the equipment and trapping these particles with the aid of filtration medium. This makes it easier to clean the aquarium as well as increase the time needed between cleanings. It becomes necessary to replace the filter media icon on a semi-regular basis to allow mechanical filtration to continue efficiently.

Chemical filtration – this works for all the dissolved wastes that are present in the water. Aside from that, it helps in the reduction or removal of undesirable aquarium smells and odors. It helps in balancing the chemical composition of the aquarium environment which is essential for the growth and movement of all the fishes.

All of these functions are necessary in order for a fish tank filter to be appropriate and effective. The best aquarium filters that combines all three types of filtration systems into one are internal filters.icon By having a properly working filter that combines the benefits of biological filtration, mechanical filtration, and chemical filtration, anyone can easily maintain a beautiful fish tank in their home. Filters are one of the many fish tank supplies your fish cannot thrive without!

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