Fish tank snails that are perfect for aquariums

There has always been a debate about fish tank snails, and this issue will likely always be around.  The concerns about snails are that some snails can help improve the fish tank, while others can wreak havoc in the aquarium.  While the debate cannot be settled by any one piece of information, a guide to the beneficial fish tank snails should help anyone decide if they will let some species of snails keep their fish company!

Apple snails belong to the family Ampullariidae and there are many representative genera.  Two of the most popular genera of apple snails are Marisa and Pomacea, with Pomacea bridgesii being the common apple snail.  Apple snails come in a variety of colors such as gold, pink, purple, blue, ivory, and are available in striped and non-striped forms.  Pomacea bridgesii have small teeth and are unable to eat any significant amount of tough plants.  Soft alternatives to aquarium plants – lettuce, boiled zucchini, yam – will act as an excellent food for apple snails, and should limit them feeding on aquarium plants in your fish tank.

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Snails of the Malaysian trumpet snails variety also do well in aquariums.  These fish tank snails differ from apple snails in that they are nocturnal.  During the day, MTS live within the gravel but at night they can be seen cruising around on the aquarium glass and other surfaces.  MTS are conical snails and specialize in eating dead and rotting plants.  Live plants are, therefore, safe from these snails.  Malaysian trumpet snails, by burrowing in the gravel, help prevent any “dead zones” of stagnant water in deeper gravel, and continually mix up the nutrients – making them available to plant roots.

Buying Fish Tank Snails

Buying snails for your fish tank is surprisingly easy.  Most common species do very well during shipment as long as they are shipped properly.  Many sellers ship apple snails in damp paper, allowing them to travel across the country and arrive in optimal health!  Click here for special prices on aquarium snails.

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