How to pick out a great fish tank stand

When most people start keeping fish in an aquarium, they start with a smaller aquarium that is easy to fit on a dresser, desk, or table at home.  This is usually a good enough place to hold a fish tank for awhile.  When it comes to owning multiple aquariums or setting up a large tank, it is a good idea to consider investing in a nice fish tank stand.  There are a few things to consider when picking out an aquarium stand that will look great in your home.

The first step in picking out a fish tank stand is to decide what size it will be.  Most stands are built to hold a specific size of aquarium, but some have some leeway in this regard.  Be sure to measure your aquarium and double check the size before you purchase a stand so you don’t have to return it for one in the proper dimensions.  If you are hoping to house two or three aquariums, then look for a stand that has two levels.  Many will hold a large aquarium on top but have room for one or two smaller fish tanks on a lower level.

Nowadays there are many syles of fish tank stands to choose from.  They are available in options that include metal, wrought iron, and various types of wood such as oak, mahogany, and pine to name just a few.  This step is easy since you probably have a certain theme to the room your fish tank stand will ultimately call home.  If your home is filled wood, look for a stand made from the matching tree species.  If your house is retro or modern, you will likely do well with choosing a iron or metal stand.  If you are stuck deciding what stand will look best in your house, just trust your instincts!

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Finally, something to consider is the amount of hidden space the fish tank stand has to hold various aquarium supplies.  While you may not think this is important, it is always helpful to have a space to hide all the fish tank supplies so that you don’t have to look at them when they aren’t neeeded.  Look for cupboard space below the level the aquarium will be at.

As mentioned, the three important factors to consider when choosing a fish tank stand are the proper size, the decor of your home, and available cupboard space within the structure of the stand.  You shouldn’t have to worry about whether a purchased stand will hold the weight of the aquarium because the companies that design these stands will almost always design them to hold more than they are rated for.  Now that you have a guide, the best part is to have fun choosing your fish tank stand!

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