Fish Tank Supplies For Tropical Fish

When it comes to setting up an aquarium, there is always confusion about the best process and what accessories and supplies you actually need to keep your tropical fish safe and healthy! Well, there is good news in that the minimal list of fish tank supplies for most tanks is a short one. Don’t waste your money on expensive gadgets that won’t actually benefit your pets!

The absolutely required supplies include an aquarium of adequate size (which depends on the number and species of fish you will have), an aquarium hood, lighting of some sort (I like fluorescent tubes), a heater (for tropical fish), gravel, and a filter.

Most fish we keep are tropical which means their temperatures should be kept around 75 to 80F but the exact ideal temperature will depend on the species. The filters are another confusing aspect of keeping fish. For smaller aquariums, a “hang on the back” filter should be good enough, but for 50+ gallon fish tanks, an external filter will do a better job at keeping the fish tank clean!

When it comes to your tropical fish, there are not that many fish tank supplies that you actually need to worry about. Unless you are trying to have a top notch show tank that will wow everyone that comes over, you likely just want an aquarium that looks good, has healthy fish, and doesn’t get full of algae. To achieve these goals, you need a good quality filter. This can be an internal filter if you have a smaller fish tank, or a high powered external canister filtration system for saltwater aquariums or larger freshwater ones.

A good heater will provide 5 watts per gallon of water to ensure adequate warming power. A fluorescent lighting system with day-light bulbs and a timer that will allow you to adjust the length of light will help provide light for the plants without promoting algae growth. Finally, good quality gravel is needed to help allow plants to flourish!

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