Fish tank supplies in high demand

Anyone involved in the aquarium hobby for long enough realizes that fish tanks cannot be maintained properly without a good base of quality supplies and accessories.  Some of the items you need to buy are bought once and never replaced.  Others fish tank supplies in your closet are used often and replaced regularly for proepr long-term care of your aquariums.  Filter media, light bulbs, and test strips are just a few examples of such supplies.

Some media for aquarium filters have a lengthy life expectancy and can be simply rinsed and reused.  Examples are sponge meshes and bioballs.  Such biological filtration depends on the bacteria that live on the surfaces for effective breakdown of the chemicals in the aquarium.  If they are plugged with gunk a simple rinse in a bucket of aquarium water is all that is needed to prolong the use of the filter media. Some other filter media such as filter floss and activated carbon are better off used once and replaced.  To save money, try buying these fish tank supplies in bulk if you can.

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Light bulbs are important to the health of your fish, your aquarium plants, and other tank inhabitants.  This is especially true if you have a moderately or densely planted fish tank.  Supplies in the aquarium lighting department can be costly, but if you want to have a healthy aquarium, it is with the extra money buying good bulbs.  The light bulbs will look like they are bright for over a year, but they are usually best replaced between 6 to 10 months after initial use.  After 10 months or so, they tend not to produce light in the spectrum or strength they were manufactured to make.  If you do not replace them, the plants and fish may ultimately suffer.  If you mark the date you should replace them on your calendar, it will be easy to avoid forgetting this important task!

Test strips are used to monitor the levels of several vital parameters and chemicals in your aquarium.  Basic test kits include strips for nitrites, nitrates, ammonia, pH, and water hardness.  These levels are important because they are gauges of the overall health of your fish tank.  Supplies in test kits come in limited quantities.  Try to find a good aquarium test kit that comes with enough strips to last you 6 months or more to get the best value for your money.

As you can see, fish tank supplies in high demand by aquarists are usually the kind that are needed in bulk.  Can you think of any other supplies you need to purchase often?

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