Fishtanks that are most popular with kids!

If you are thinking about setting up fishtanks for your kids, then it is a good idea to decide which type will be most appreciated by your children.  With all the options available, it can be tough to decide what aquarium setup will be ideal for these younger enthusiasts.  A great fishtank for children will withstand random bumps, have a great view of their fishy friends, be easy to maintain and will have to house a variety of colorful fish.

Kids are usually very excited when they find out they get to setup their first fishtank.  Before we get to the practical aspects of your their fishtanks, an overview of which setup will get your kids jumping with joy is a good idea. Mosts kids will love an aquarium that is full of color and movement.  The easiest way to achieve this is to have a variety of tropical freshwater fish that are not aggressive towards other inhabitants in their fishtanks.  Great species to consider are guppies, neon tetras, mollies, and danios.  These fish are all small and gentle and many love to swim in schools that will delight your children.

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Children also love the natural feel of a planted aquarium.  Good species for kids’ fishtanks include Amazon swords, java moss, java fern, water sprite, and cabomba.  Try sticking with green plants at first as they should be easier to care for!

Now for the important factors – your kid’s fishtanks should be strong and able to withstand random bumps that may come objects within the room (or the kids themselves).  While most aquariums can stand up to such shocks, glass fishtanks are more brittle than acrylic.  Acrylic aquariums are definitely stronger and much less likely to break from unsuspected bumps in a youth’s room.

A child’s fishtank should be easy to care for and maintain since (depending on the age of your kids), it is likely the parents that will have to do the regular cleaning.  Biorb aquariums are ideal in this regard since their maintenance does not require a whole bunch of fish tank supplies.  Simply doing regular water changes and exchanging filter cartridges every 6 weeks should help maintain a sparkling aquarium.  This brand of fishtank also provides a unique 360 viewing surface thanks to their unique spherical design.

Well, there are the basic requirements of fishtanks that any kid will be thrilled over.  If you are interested in a Biorb aquarium, click the link for a great deal today!

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