Starting a fresh water tank for baby fish fry

When starting to breed fish, it is important to know what factors can improve your chances of success. After the baby fish (also known as “fry”) are already born, providing a varied diet and maintaining the cleanest water conditions possible will help the fry grow at a maximal rate into healthy adult fish. Setting up a fresh water tank and using it as a grow out tank will go a long way towards maintaining clean water and room for the baby fish.

Selecting the fresh water tank
Starting a fresh water tank for fry grow out is quite simple. For this example, it will be assumed that baby betta fish are being taken care of. For larger fish, increase tank dimensions. Siamese fighting fish fry need considerable room while growing out. After they are a month old, a 20 to 30 gallon tank is ideal for quick growth. When choosing a fresh water tank, try to get a “long” tank as this will provide more surface area for any given volume. Basically, any low-cost long tank will do.

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Setting up the grow out fresh water tank

When breeding fresh water fish species, it is typical to do everything to make maintenance of the grow out tank easier on the breeder. To achieve this, a simple setup is often preferred. Breeders will usually use a bare-bottom tank so that fish wastes are easily siphoned out on a regular basis. One or two sponge filters are used to provide adequate aquarium filtration without risking sucking up baby fish. A proper size aquarium heater is necessary for any tropical freshwater aquarium fish if maximal growth rate is desired. Finally, fast growing aquarium plants may be added to help use up the nitrate produced by the fish – this will help maintain cleaner aquarium water.

Cleaning the grow out tank
Cleaning the fresh water tank that is being used to grow out bettas is simple. Every few days the visible wastes should be siphoned out into a clear container. The water is checked for any baby fish before being dumped out and replaced with fresh water. Many top betta breeders will change 30% of the water on a daily basis. As always, ensure that the fresh water is of the same temperature as the water in the grow out tank.

Using a fresh water tank to grow out baby fish is a great way to get them to adult size quickly. For an excellent beginner’s guide to breeding fish, click here to buy this “Aquarium Fish Breeding” book.

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