Freshwater Aquarium Supplies

We all wonder where we can get the best deals on freshwater aquarium supplies. One of my favorite sites to look for fish tank supplies would have to be Amazon! On this page we’ll list some of the best selling supplies from each of the major categories of aquarium supplies you are most likely interested in. If you have suggestions, let us know in the comments!

Aquarium Lights:

  • The R2 LED Aquarium Light is a great choice for anyone who wants to get started with LED lights in their planted tanks or show aquariums!
  • If you aren’t ready for LED lights in your fish tanks, the 48″ T5 216 Watt light provides enough light to keep reef tanks supremely healthy!

Aquarium Filters

  • Penguin filters offer enough water flow and the bio-wheel adds the benefit of more surface area for beneficial bacteria to thrive on!
  • For canister filters, these are getting cheaper priced as the years go on.  The AquaTop canister filters are a huge bargain!

Glass Aquarium Kits

  • For a standard looking aquarium kit, Marina makes a high quality fish tank kit for an incredible price!
  • biOrb offers the most stunning and stylish aquariums out there right now.  You’ll pay a bit more but it’s worth it!  Check these out

There you have it, some of the best selling freshwater aquarium supplies on Amazon.  You won’t be disappointed with these products!

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