Freshwater Fish Tank Supplies – Fun decor for your aquarium

For many aquarium hobbyists, you initially want to just get your fish tank setup and stabilized. Once you have done that, you may find yourself thinking of ways to improve the look of your aquarium. After you have purchased the basic freshwater fish tank supplies, you can start spicing up the appearance of your freshwater tank with some neat tricks that won’t blow your budget.

Bubble walls are very easy to make and will delight your fish and your guests! Adding a bubble wall to an aquarium is simple if you already have an air pump. Just find a Bubble diffuser
icon that is up to 12″ long and has a nice stable base. They are usually heavy enough to sink without risk of moving out of place. Bubble walls are best placed behind a few plants and will create an endless supply of bubbles in a thick curtain. They are soothing to watch, and your fish will enjoy swimming among the bubbles.

Caves are one of the freshwater fish tank supplies that are functional and aesthetic at the same time. Having a variety of aquarium caves can give your fish a sense of security. Many species of freshwater fish will be more likely to breed in your aquarium if they have a place to protect the eggs and fry. Caves and other decor
icon add a bit of mystery to your fish tank too, and your friends and family will want to look into the caves to find out what fish might be hiding there.

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Finally, driftwood and rocks allow you to ad a unique focal point to your cave. These are best placed off-center in the aquarium. Some large plants behind and smaller plants around and in front of the driftwood feature will really help it “pop”, enhancing your aquascape. For adding rocks, consider placing them in columns and somewhat stacked up on each other. This also provides hiding places for smaller fish.

Most importantly, have fun when adding freshwater fish tank supplies and decor to your aquarium. It’s easy to tell when an owner takes the effort to setup a great looking tank. Why not get started today! Save on your aquarium supplies at Drs Foster & Smith.

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