Gallon Fish Tank Supplies – Supplies for a nano tank!

Most people who start nano tanks try their hand at setting them up as reef tanks. Nano reef tanks really are incredible pieces of art, but they still require most, if not all, of the care that larger marine tanks need. Though the sizes of nano tanks are quickly approaching a gallon, fish tank supplies for these setups are still of utmost importance in their success. I will outline a few of the key accessories you will need for your nano tank!

Fan-cooled canopies for a nano reef tank

Because of the small amount of water in a nano reef tank (often in the range of 6 to 12 gallons), the heat from the lights can have a significant impact on the temperature of your water. Susceptible corals and live rock can easily be damaged be overheating. To help combat the effect of warm aquarium lighting, manufacturers of nano tanks have started making fan-cooled canopies to go along with the aquariums. This helps drive off excess heat from the light bulbs and will help stabilize the temperature of the water! Cooled canopies are one of the “gallon fish tank” supplies you should not skimp out on.

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Surface skimmers designed for smaller aquariums

Even nano reefs require protein skimmers. Without a surface skimmer, your nano reef tank will quickly build up levels of nutrients and proteins. Luckily, there are some good skimmers designed for the smaller aquarium – even one as small as a 6 gallon! Fish tank supplies really are available for the needs of a reef tank owner! A superb nano skimmericon is available to help reduce the levels of dissolved proteins in your smaller fish tanks!

If you are starting your nano reef tank, please make sure you do your research before you buy the aquarium. If you do this, you will be able to ensure your nano tank is a huge success! If you are on the lookout for a nano reef tank, and other “gallon fish tank” supplies, this nano cube aquariumicon is an excellent fan-cooled nano tank.

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