Great fish for a 10 gallon fish tank

While a 10 gallon fish tank might not really seem like much at first, you can bring it to life by installing some really nice looking gravel, a great looking backdrop, a few underwater aquarium plants and of course, a wonderful selection of fish and other aquarium life. If you are a novice fish keeper, it would be best to have a few freshwater fish in your aquarium. Brackish water and salt water fishes would need more care and you need to increase your fish keeping skills by more than just a notch or two.

And that still does not include getting highly specialized equipments as well. Also, salt water aquariums require several pieces of more specialized accessories and equipment which means many people choose to set a 10 gallon fish tank up as a fresh water aquarium.

Just because a freshwater aquarium can hold only 10 gallons of water does not mean that there is a huge limit set on the variety of fish life available for it. For a 10 gallon fish tank, you can have your selection of some really great fish species. Tetras, guppies, swordtails and zebra fish (zebra danios) can make really interesting and colorful display pets. These creatures thrive better if you buy several individuals to create schools of fish.

Although you can combine two schools of fish together, it might be more prudent to keep only one species in one tank. This will eliminate food competition, lessen territorial fights, and you also have fewer maintenance issues (like waste disposal or achieving the water pH balance) to deal with.

A fringe benefit of having mostly fish with tiny mouths is that there are other classes of aquatic life that can be successfully added to the 10 gallon fish tank without risk of these being eaten. Adding scavengers like suckermouth catfish (janitor fish), ghost shrimp, and miniature cory catfish are a great way to spruce up the lower levels in the aquarium. Red cherry shrimp are cheap, but for the low price it is easy to pack in a few bright red 1” long shrimp that will help keep algae levels low.

Owning a 10 gallon fish tank can really be a great way to get introduced to the aquarium hobby. It is fortunate that many different species of fish, crustaceans, snails, and more can easily be kept in a mini aquarium. Let your imagination soar when you are picking out the pets that will live in your fish tanks!

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