Guide To Mini Tetra Fish

When planning to care for fish in a mini freshwater aquarium, a prospective aquarist must get fish that are small enough to survive in the limited space. There are a number of choices of small fish available in fish and aquarium stores that will fit this need. For instance, there is the mini tetra.

Small fish that stay as small as 2 inches their whole lives also include the chameleon fish, the gouramis which include the chocolate, honey, sparkling, blue honey, and copperfire; the peacock gudgeons, and then there are the jewel mini tetra or Indian glassfish. Here you will learn why tetras are great for smaller aquariums, and discover some of the more interesting mini tetra species.

Tetras are a popular name in the aquarium industry. The smallest of these fish can grow up to only .5 inches hence the name mini tetra. There are so many variations, genus and species under the name tetra but as a guide, tetra generally means those freshwater tropical and sub tropical little colorful fish that survive easily in aquarium conditions. The scientific name for the tetras is characidae. Here are some common fish names in the family characidae: neon tetra, cave tetra, red phantom tetra, Costello tetra, emperor tetra, jewel tetra, cardinal or red neon, black neon, and green neon.

Tetras are a great addition to a mini aquarium because they are tiny fish that on the whole have great traits. As mentioned, many tetras are only 1” or so in length. For a small fish, though, they are quite colorful and come in a variety of patterns and different body shapes. Some tetras are sleek and red like the cardinal tetra while others have taller bodies and black shades like black skirt tetra does. Because tetras are schooling fish, they will be happier if you put 6 or more in a given mini aquarium. In this setup, you will really start to see interesting schooling behavior from mini tetra fish.

No matter what type of tetra in an aquarium, the fish needs the same things as other fish. These are a constant water temperature, good filtration system, and artificial lighting that can mimic the preferred natural light in the environment where the fish evolved. Fish feeding is also important to regulate. Any of the fish flakes made for tetra fish should keep your mini tetra fish healthy and happy!

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