Home aquarium – best fish tank locations in your home

The location of the home aquarium is an important consideration when it comes to setting up any aquarium in your home. Unlike other kinds of pets, it can be placed in almost any part of the house as it doesn’t require space for movement and growth. However, placing them just anywhere is something that must not be done because doing so can potentially lead to frustration and headaches in the future – something we all want to avoid!

This is why there are there are many things that must be considered when it comes to choosing the location for your fish tank at home. First in the list is the human traffic. The home aquarium should be placed in an area where it can be seen by many people yet it will not be easily touched or bumped into. This is to prevent unfortunate and undesired scratches and breakages in the glass surface. This factor is true especially if there is the presence of children in the house.

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The second thing that must be considered is the light. Many people think that real sunlight must be better for an aquarium than the artificial light from an incandescent or compact fluorescent bulb. This thought is, unfortunately, far from the truth when it comes to aquarium lighting. When setting up a fish tank, it must not be placed in an area which has too much direct sunlight as this can cause the growth of algae which can be hard to clean and remove in the long run.  Definitely do not place any home aquarium directly in front of a large sunny window.

Other things that must also be considered in choosing a fish tank location are the temperature, the power supply and the water supply. Make sure your new aquarium is located near a power outlet (to supply electricity to your fish tank supplies) but several feet from any heating/cooling vents to prevent wide variation in water temperature. All of these things are necessary in order to have a good and well – functioning fish tank at home.

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