How To Choose Coral Species For Small Saltwater Fish Tanks

The ocean offers a vast underwater world for reef dwellers. In a natural reef one can see fan corals, brain corals, fire corals, table corals, and many varieties of soft and hard corals. Reef fish of many shape, size, and color abound in this world. Countless organisms complete the ecosystem and balance out the cycle.

When attempting to duplicate this set-up in a small saltwater environment, even the saltwater currents and naturally occurring lighting patterns must be established. A mini reef in your own home is an attractive proposition, but ensuring success entails some attention to detail. The best kinds of small saltwater fish as well as good coral species should be chosen.

Reef aquariums are different from other types of aquariums in that a variety of species are present in the tank. Whereas freshwater or marine tanks only require a good choice of fish, reef aquariums require that a good match exist between fish, corals, saltwater plants, water temperature, and water chemistry. Owners of small saltwater fish tanks who are looking for good coral species should choose soft corals over the hard ones, as maintenance in captivity is easier to do with the soft corals.

Success in your choice of organisms and the overall setup of your tank will make you enjoy incredible sights within that small volume of salt water in your mini aquarium. The wonders of nature will unfold daily for you as you gaze at the model reef. And best of all, you can enjoy this without getting wet underwater or driving miles to the ocean.

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