How To Clean Mini Gallon Aquariums

Mini aquariums could be reef aquariums, freshwater aquariums, or marine aquariums. They can be devoted to small goldfish, corydoras, guppies, mollies, shrimp, or any small fish that is suited to the small environment that this type of aquarium can offer.

When owning and care for a smaller fish tank, one must be ready to do maintenance work at the first sign of trouble. Fish and other organisms in the delicate balance of an aquarium will be affected by the slightest change in water chemistry, in temperature, and in other factors. Knowledge of cleaning methods for mini gallon aquariums is a must.
Cleaning accessories and tools include an algae scraper, magnetized algae pads, and a gravel rake. The special cleaning magnets allow the mini gallon aquarium to be cleaned without too much stress on the fish. Cleaning in this way means that important buildup of bacteria that are beneficial to the tank will be saved as well. The inside glass of the aquarium is easily rid of algae with these magnetized pads. The stubborn dirt can then be removed with the algae scraper.

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Regular water changes are also a vital aspect of maintaining a mini gallon aquarium. Some fish keepers tend to keep more livestock in a smaller fish tank than is recommended. In this scenario, fish wastes can build up rather quickly. A weekly replacement of 30 to 40% of the water should prevent ammonia and nitrites from overloading the good bacteria and building up to toxic levels. Always remember to use water at the same temperature of that in the fish tank, and to use a dechlorinator if the water supply contains chlorine or chloramine.
Mini aquariums, by virtue of its small water volume, need a bit more of a rigorous cleaning schedule than bigger sized aquariums. Fish, water plants, snails, corals, and any organisms inside the tank go on with their natural life cycles. Putting them inside a closed environment puts the responsibility of cleaning to the aquarist. For this reason, a responsible mini gallon aquarium owner must be equipped – in knowledge as well as with tools. Taking proper care of the aquarium will make the small fish and other organisms in it thrive and grow and give back hours of enjoyment.

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