How To Get The Most Out Of A Small Aquarium

We all know how hard it is to maintain a conventionally sized tropical fish tank and the bigger models can prove to be a bit more work than some people are willing to undertake. Having a small aquarium could be the perfect solution, especially for people who do not really have a lot of home, office, or room space that can be dedicated to a bigger fish tank. Besides, having fish for pets is ideal for people who do not have the energy to spend with more energetic (and mobile) pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, or other small animals.

However, there are still some people who are a bit hesitant about buying a small aquarium. They think that such a limited space does not really allow for a variety of tropical fish to be kept. Fortunately, that is not the case at all. There are many ways for anyone to make keeping a small aquarium really fun and worthwhile. Here are some tips.

1. Keep colorful pets: the more colorful the better. Some of the best fish pets of the kind are the Japanese or Siamese fighting fishes. These pets easily thrive in fish tanks as small as one gallon if properly cared for. Due to its very territorial nature, it is advised to keep only one male betta per tank. Several females can be kept quite nicely in 7 to 10 gallon aquarium and they are just as colorful as their male counterparts.

2. If you would rather have more than just one pet fish inside your aquarium, you may keep a whole school of small fish all at once. Guppies, swordtails and tetras would make fine pets. Not only are these quite hardy and full of color, but these fish require low maintenance care as well.

3. There are also aquarium reptiles and amphibians you might want to take care of. Aquarium frogs, newts, crabs, salamanders and even small freshwater snakes can be considered for a small aquarium.

Clearly much fun can be had even if one is limited to a small fish tank. Whether someone chooses bettas, guppies, mollies or any of the non-fish pets to keep in their fish tank it is not hard to find a combination of pets that will fill the small aquarium with colorful and energetic fish.

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