How To Set Up Your Own Mini Tank

Is the mini tank bug getting to you? Obviously enough, especially if you are looking into articles pertaining to setting up your very own mini aquarium or mini bow aquarium. Although these tanks take up as little space as possible (especially if you consider some of the newer models coming out), there are still a few essential elements to remember when it comes to finally installing one for your home or office or room. Some of these would include:

1. Choosing the appropriately sized mini tank model. This actually depends on where you plan to install the tank. A sturdy table is always good, as with an unused portion of a counter top. However, make sure that the tank has easy access to an electrical outlet so that you can easily plug in the tank’s air pump, filter, lights, etc. Half of the joy of owning a mini aquarium is seeing what type of fish life can thrive in your setup, so remember to buy a model that is actually a mini size. Limit it to 5 to 7.5 gallons and you’re set!

2. Following the setup instructions explicitly. Almost all mini tank models have set up instructions which are easily to follow and even easier to actually set up. However, make sure that you follow every step as instructed, buy the recommended add on devices, and keep a water testing kit on hand while your aquarium ‘cycles’ and prepares for the addition of fish. This is particularly true if you are setting up a saltwater or brackish tank. Temperature and pH levels are the two most important water elements that you should be monitoring on a regular basis. Fortunately, apart from big water changes, the pH and temperature should remain stable enough for your fish.

3.Allow the tank to run for a full week before putting in any kind of fish or aquarium pet. You need to establish a safe living environment first, especially if you are planning on adding aquarium plants and sensitive species of fish. The purpose of giving the tank a proper setup time is to allow the good beneficial bacteria time to become established. Some people prefer to add a good squirt of these bacteria to speed up the process since they can be purchased online! Another option is to borrow a filter from another aged mini tank to help seed the good bacteria into your new aquarium.

4.Add fish slowly overtime. The only thing that adding a bunch of fish all at once will achieve is to kill some of them off. If too many are added at once, then there will almost certainly be a spike of ammonia from the fish wastes. Ammonia is toxic and can quite easily harm your new pets.

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