How To Start A Mini Fish Aquarium

Goldie needs to renovate. The ubiquitous goldfish bowl has been found out to be an unhealthy living environment. There are now new upgrades to make life better for fish and other living organisms that are put in an aquarium. Unlike the plain and simple goldfish bowl for Goldie, a mini fish aquarium can now be equipped with modern accessories.

The most important step to properly start your aquarium is to start looking at filtration systems, artificial lights, and heaters. All these are made to simulate the natural environment of your pet fish in its mini fish tank. Here are some facts to help you understand the delicate balance in an aquarium system. An understanding of the facts will help you to choose the necessary accessories:

Fact #1: Filters are installed to control the nitrogen cycle in the water. There are three types of filtration: biological, mechanical, and chemical. To be effective in a mini fish aquarium, all three types must be present. Fortunately, even the smallest fish tank filter usually provides all three types of filtration!

Fact #2: Lighting conditions are important aspects of any living creatures’ home environment. The natural cycle must be simulated if you want your fish to thrive. Understanding the natural environment of your particular fish will help you install the proper kind of artificial lighting. For most species kept in a mini fish aquarium, though, an incandescent or compact fluorescent bulb kept on for roughly 12 hours per day will be more than sufficient. If you keep plants in your small fish tank, more specific aquarium lights might be necessary (depending on the species of plants).

Fact #3: Water temperature is another important aspect to consider. There are now heaters that can be installed in a mini fish aquarium. Heaters are usually submersible tubes equipped with thermostats to keep the correct temperature in balance. For the most part, tropical fish in small aquariums can be safely kept at 80F.

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Being equipped with this information can now prepare you to properly start on your new hobby of fish keeping. Welcome to the aquarist’s club!

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