Interesting Small Goldfish Breeds For Your Aquariums

Since the goldfish was domesticated so early in the history of fishkeeping and since fishkeepers have been cross breeding them for so long, there are now a number of unique strains available to aquarium hobbyists around the world. The common goldfish is a popular choice for hobbyists and aquarists. Fortunately there are many specialized collectors and breeders who have dedicated their aquariums to goldfish strains that are unique.

Some of the more interesting small goldfish strains include the Suihogan or bubble eye goldfish, the ranchu, the chinshurin or pearlscale, the jikin or butterfly tail, the demekin or telescope eye, the oranda, the choten gan or celestial eye, the hana fusa or pompom, the the lionchu or lionhead, the ryukin, and the nacreous or calico goldfish.

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Although beautiful to look at, these small goldfish need a lot of special care when kept in mini aquariums. Goldfish need more filtration in their tanks than other kinds of small fish. This is due to the unique physiology of all goldfish of not having stomachs. They then continuously generate more dirt in the closed system of an aquarium, than other kinds of fish. The most important factors to consider when keeping small goldfish are to not overfeed them and to remember to keep on top of your regular aquarium maintenance schedule. This would include regular water changes to remove the substantial amounts of goldfish wastes that can build up.

Nevertheless, a goldfish in the wild can live a long time. This fact ascertains that when small goldfish in mini aquariums are cared for properly, then we can extend their lives. Being knowledgeable in the care of aquarium fish and more specifically the unique strains of the goldfish can help lengthen the life of these fish; and as their lives lengthen so will a hobbyist’s enjoyment of his unique collection.

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