Large fish tanks are great for aquarium newcomers

For anyone who is relatively new to the aquarium hobby, the decision to start with small or large fish tanks is usually one of the first things that crosses the mind. There are proponents to either choice. Each size of aquarium has its pros and cons, so choosing what is ideal for the newcomer is something that should be well thought out. Overall, medium to large sized aquariums are a better choice for various reasons discussed here.

Stability of a large fish tank

Large fish tanks are definitely more stable over time than their smaller counterparts. Because aquariums are small ecosystems, they have a number of factors that change over time. It is well known that, in most cases, the larger the ecosystem, the more change it can withstand before serious consequences occur. This is definitely true for aquariums. A 50 gallon fish tank will be stable enough to avoid huge spikes in pH, temperature, and many other parameters important to aquarists. Thanks to this factor, a 50 gallon aquarium is ideal for newcomers because they can get their feet wet without risking the loss of many fish at the beginning.

Large fish tanks can house a variety of fish species

For aquariums, the number of fish that can be kept depends on the volume and surface area of the fish tank. The larger the tank, the more fish can be safely housed. It comes down to simple math. While not technically perfect, the classic rule of 1″ of fish per gallon of water is just fine for new aquarium owners. Most people love to see a variety of species of fish in an aquarium, and a large fish tank allows the newcomer to fulfill these dreams without a big risk of overdoing it.

Cheaper price “per gallon” for large fish tanks

While you may think that larger aquariums are way more expensive, you may be surprised to find out that this isn’t always the case. The costs can definitely rise above those of smaller fish tanks, but if you consider the cost per gallon, then money can go a long way in a bigger fish tank. This is true because the same basic equipment is needed for a large fish tank as for a smaller one. For example, the cost of a filter for a 50 gallon tank isn’t 10 times that of a 5 gallon tank.

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If you have the funds, then a large fish tank is definitely better for your first fish tank. Before you buy an aquarium though, consider doing proper research to see what you are getting yourself into. The time spent with your fish is well worth it for many people! Katy’s Tropical Fish book explains all aspects of owning a freshwater aquarium in easy to understand language. Click here for more information.

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