3 tips for marine aquarium newbies

Many newcomers to the salt water aquarium hobby ask how easy or difficult it will be to keep a marine aquarium for the first time. This is never an easy answer to give because there are so many factors involved in setting up and taking care of a salt water fish tank. On the bright side, there are certainly many tips that can make having a first marine fish tank easy on the newcomer!

Marine Aquarium Tip #1 – Go slow but learn quickly
Taking your time and learning as you go is the most important tip for anyone who is new at keeping marine aquariums. The learning curve is a bit steeper than with freshwater aquariums because many salt water fish and corals thrive within a narrow range of paramaters than their freshwater counterparts. Taking time while learning the ropes can prevent many frustrations and potential disasters from occurring. This is also important, because a new marine aquarium actually takes many weeks or months to setup properly to avoid unnecessary deaths of corals and other reef inhabitants.

Marine Aquarium Tip #2 – Stick with easy, tolerant species
For anyone new to any hobby, it is a good idea to start out with easier tasks. In marine aquariums, this means having a strict limit of well-established hardy fish and corals. Like in tip #1, taking time to properly research and learn about any potential add-ons (whether fish, coral, or clean up crew) will make a reef tank more fun to have. Learn about the requirements of the species, and how tolerant they are to changing conditions. Tolerant, hardy species will better withstand the inevitable fluctuations in salinity, hardness, and pH that will occur in the novice’s marine aquarium.

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Marine Aquarium Tip #3 – Go big!
With a marine aquarium, size really does matter. Nano reef tanks are more prone to big fluctuations in water quality as well as all the factors mentioned above. These small salt water fish tanks are only suitable for more advanced hobbyists. For a first tank, a setup larger than 50 gallons should be adequate to help stabilize the vital parameters and make owning a first marine fish tank easier. Plus, you’ll eventually be able to house a more diverse group of salt water corals, fish, and invertebrates as you become more familiar with having a marine aquarium.

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