Marine Aquariums – Advice and Tidbits

Everyone loves the look of a well maintained marine aquarium. Most people don’t know that the balance in a marine aquarium can sometimes rest on a thin wire between beauty and disaster. This leads to many questions about how to easily and properly setup and maintain a marine aquarium. The following tips will help you keep an amazing marine aquarium.

Algae can be a sign of a healthy marine aquarium – unlike freshwater fish tanks, the marine or reef tank usually has a healthy amount of algae. The algae in a marine tank can be used to help remove nitrates and also acts as a food source for a variety of marine fish and invertebrates.

Live rock is an important part of a marine aquarium – Live rock is rock that has been in the ocean for many years, even decades or centuries. It houses a seemingly unlimited number of microcrustaceans and other organisms including bacteria important for the health of a reef tank. Thus, it acts to stabilize the aquarium and to house a wide variety of organisms near the base of the food chain.

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Filtration is more advanced in a marine aquarium – The inhabitants of a marine fish tank are very dependent upon a stable environment. Small changes in water parameters can lead to unhealthy fish or corals. Because of this, marine aquariums have more complex filtration systems including extra components such as protein skimmers that reduce dissolved proteins.

Marine aquariums can be more costly – the extra filtration and other fish tank supplies in a marine aquarium result in a bigger price tag compared to their freshwater counterparts. The extra money spent on a marine tank is well worth the price though!

If you are truly interested in having a marine aquarium, or if you already have one but find yourself asking a lot of questions, it is good to have a handy resource. The Ultimate Secrets to Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Invertebrates is a great electronic resource that will answer all your questions and turn you into an advanced reef tank owner in no time. Click here for more information about it.

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