Marine fish tank – what accessories your fish can’t live without

Setting up a marine fish tank for the first time is not as simple as just filling an aquarium with salt water. There are several accessories that must also be considered for the marine tank setup to be successful. Also, if you have the necessary marine aquarium supplies the maintenance and care of the marine aquarium will be easier and you will more thoroughly enjoy your tank! Minimum requirements for a successful marine fish tank include a powerhead, heater, protein skimmer, hydrometer, thermometer, lighting, and an appropriate filter.

A marine fish tank cannot thrive without a proper filter. A good starter filter will include a protein skimmer and some sort of canister filter. The protein skimmer removes biological wastes before they reach the filter and significantly decrease the workload of the canister filter. More advanced filtration can be achieved by a wet/dry trickle filter. While the filtration system will certainly provide water circulation, a good quality water pump or “powerhead” will provide the much needed flow that is required by so many marine fish and corals.

Heaters and a water thermometer are also required since most marine fish and corals are sensitive to changes in temperature. Quality aquarium heating will maintain the water temperature within the range tolerated by the specific marine fish tank inhabitants. Plan on needing anywhere from 2 to 5 Watts per gallon of water, and remember that it is better and safer to have several smaller heaters than one 300W heater.

A hydrometer is an accessory that measures and monitors the specific gravity of the aquarium water. In a marine fish tank, the specific gravity is related to the water’s salinity. Hydrometers come in two basic types – the floater and the swing needle. Swing needle hydrometers are easiest to read and quick to start using in your aquarium.

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Rocks and corals are miscellaneous accessories that can be added to enhance the beauty of the marine fish tank environment. They can be arranged in anyway depending on their sizes and shapes. Not only do they provide beauty but they also serve as shelter for the fishes.

If you have the necessary marine fish tank supplies before you start setting up your aquarium, you will be rewarded with an easy installation. Your maintenance will definitely run more smoothly over the years you have the aquarium.

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