Mini Aquarium Heater – Benefits of the Hydor Brand Fish Tank Heater

Aquariums need a heating system in order to replicate the natural water temperature of fish. For mini aquariums, this is all the more important. A smaller living environment needs more help in maintaining that delicate balance that is ideal for fish to thrive and grow. Fortunately for fish and their owners, someone invented the mini aquarium heater.

Getting a Hydor brand fish tank heater ensures you that 25 years has been put into the development of the product. Since 1984, the American company has been devoted to the manufacturing of aquatic products. Starting with filters, Hydor now has a catalogue of aerators, lighting systems, CO2 systems, feeders, pumps, decorations, and heaters. The line of Hydor heaters includes the THEO, the ETH, the Hydrokable, the Hydroset Thermostat, and the Mini Heaters.

The Mini Heaters have the 7.5W models and the 15W models. The benefits of choosing the Hydor brand mini aquarium heater over other heater brands is that you will then be the very proud owner of a completely submersible, super safe, extra small, universal, and self limiting heater.

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What all this means is that the heater is easily concealed even in small bowls or tanks, it is safe to use in both salt water and tropical aquariums, and it is safe in the event that it was left to run dry. Hydor has a special technology called PTC that makes their heaters safe. Also present in the mini aquarium heater, it is a heating element designed for safety against the risk of overheating. High quality components and a self-limiting technological design ensure this.

If you are into mini aquariums, then the Hydor mini heater is just the perfect aquarium heater for you. No other brand offers such a great heater in a neat and compact design at an affordable price.

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