Mini Bow Aquarium – Kids enjoy the fun of them!

Getting a mini bow aquarium for your kid is great way of teaching responsibility, especially in the pet rearing department. Besides, this kind of fish tank is small, compact, and very, very, very easy to maintain. Even your 5 year old can help with the fish keeping process. At the same time, since this tank is now becoming quite fashionable, there are many designs to choose from.

Many of them can appeal to your kid’s quirky tastes while blending well with any decor you might have at home.However, to make sure that maintaining a mini bow aquarium remains as an interesting hobby for your kids, you might want to:

Get some really colorful pets. Nothing can hold your kid’s fascination for a longer period of time than some really nice looking pet tropical fish. Fresh water fishes are by far easier to take care of;but do try to get the hardier ones. Getting a sorority of female fighting fishes (Siamese or Japanese) is always a great option, and these magnificent creatures thrive well in small spaces and are relatively low maintenance too. However, male fighting fishes are very aggressive, so you should keep only one in a mini bow aquarium.

You could also get a school of smaller fishes. Some of the hardier varieties of small pets include the: guppy, minnow, tetra, xiphophorus (platy) and zebra fish (zebra danio). If your kid has a taste for the exotic or the unusual, you could also try encouraging him or her to take care of aquarium amphibians, crustaceans and reptiles like: turtles, hermit crabs, dwarf frogs, freshwater newts and axolotl salamanders. Depending on how small your mini bow aquarium is, though, some of these amphibians can grow too large and might need an upgraded fish tank.

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