Mini reef aquariums – Good salt water fish species for a small tank

The major rule of thumb in choosing salt water fish species for mini reef aquariums (for the sake of this post, less than 20 gallons of water) is to ensure that they are compatible with each other, the size of the fish tank, and with the other organisms in the aquarium. Some popular salt water fish species include the Japanese swallowtail angelfish, the clownfish, sand sifting gobies, shrimp gobies, and the smaller species of surgeonfish.

Aside from the different kinds of reef fish, the other inhabitants of mini reef aquariums are the corals and the invertebrates. This is quite unlike a common freshwater or a fish-only marine aquarium, where only fish are kept. Compatibility is thus a major concern, as an unknowing hobbyist might mix in a natural predator to his otherwise perfect mini reef. Some fish like to tear up corals as well.

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When choosing fish for a mini reef, it is also advisable to know the species beforehand. Know its characteristics, how the fish behaves when it is healthy or sick, what it is supposed to look like, what it eats. As a final point, no matter what species you decide to get, there are vital signs to look for when buying good salt water fish species for small tanks.

These are some of the signs of illness: swollen or overlarge eyes, bloated bellies, hollow bellies, white spots, dull skin, bleached skin, lesions, flared gills, and protruding scales. These are the important clues that will tell you if the fish is not in top health. Keeping these tips in mind, a hobbyist who has a plan for mini reef aquariums can now confidently shop for good salt water fish species for his small tank.

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