Reef aquarium – is it truly harder to keep a reef tank?

A reef aquarium is a type of tank environment that focuses more on having reefs and corals than on having actual fish inside it. While marine fish may also be added in many cases, this provides a different effect as opposed to having a normal aquarium. In essence it is more natural to look at as it aims to mimic the underwater world that many of us only see in movies and television documentaries. However, while this may look better, it is also said to require more care and attention than a freshwater aquarium environment.

One reason for this is the fact that corals and reefs have many different needs than fishes and other aquarium creatures. This includes a specific water temperature as well as the right amount of water salinity and pH. The salinity and pH must be kept within a small range and many corals cannot tolerate much fluctuation. Also, a reef aquarium needs additional types of equipment and accessories such as a protein skimmer. Although these needs are minor and can be adjusted to match the needs of the other aquarium inhabitants, they can really affect the way the corals grow and how healthy they are. If not taken care of properly, the inhabitants of a marine aquarium can look drab, signifying that they are in poor health.

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In spite of these, a reef aquarium also has its own benefits and advantages. As is said earlier, it is more beautiful and realistic as compared to ordinary aquariums. If you are planning on keeping marine fish in your reef aquarium, the coral and live rocks may provide a source of shelter for the fish and invertebrates that are found in the aquarium. It is definitely worth the extra effort to keep a marine tank so you can appreciate the magnificent corals and marine fish!

Overall, keeping a reef aquarium can be daunting for someone new to marine fish tanks. However, it doesn’t have to be so! A great electronic book is available that teaches you everything you need to know to setup a stunning marine tank. There is information for the beginner (such as 5 things you should know before you setup your tank) and great tips for the expert including such things as how to propagate your corals! For more information, you can visit the site today if you like.

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