Refugium DIY – Tips and Plans

If you are looking to setup a refugium for your reef tank, but do not want to spend the money on an expensive refugium, DIY may be the best route for you.  There are many things to consider when it comes to setting up your own DIY refugium.  These include the location of your refugium, the source of the water, and the aesthetics.  The refugium plans are also very important, and you should consider buying a proper set of DIY instructions.

  • location – will your refugium DIY project eventually be on a table next to your show tank?  If so, you will need to pump water back to the main aquarium.
  • water source – do not use the water surface itself as the source of water for your refugium.  This will lead to oils and dissolved proteins being added to your refugium that can harm your algae or other inhabitants.  Instead, have a water source that is below the water surface.
  • aesthetics – your refugium may be in a visible spot.  If this is the case, make it aesthetically pleasing by adding live sand and live rock before adding any inhabitants

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Finally, rather than scouring the internet for questionable refugium DIY plans, its often best to spend a few dollars and purchase plans from a reputable source. The same goes for supplies for your refugium.  Quality refugium plans will include a full set of materials needed for the production of the refugium.  They will also include any tools needed for the DIY project to go smoothly.  Any decent DIY plans will include step by step directions with well thought out pictures showing the major steps being accomplished.  This is important and will help make sure you can easily follow the DIY instructions when it comes time to actually build your DIY refugium.

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