Salt Water Fish Tank Supplies – Easy Reef Care

Salt water aquariums are often among the most impressive show tanks you will see. A well setup tank will easily convey the sense of being maintenance free – the corals and fish will seem to care for themselves! Unfortunately, in the real world, this is often not the case. Caring for a reef aquarium is significantly easier if you have the right salt water fish tank supplies. Some examples are outlined here.

Maintaining adequate levels of supplements is of vital importance for saltwater aquariums. The easiest way to do this is buy a multi-pack of replacement supplements. A good basic package will replace calcium, magnesium, strontium, and carbonate as well as trace elements, amino acids and vitamins. SeaChem
icon offers a multipack of supplements that is very affordable and will cover your basic salt water fish tank supplies in terms of chemical additions.

One of the coral care tasks that can be difficult for beginners and advanced hobbyists alike is successfully acclimating new frags (corals) to your reef tank. Most of the time you will not likely have a great place to put new corals without damaging them. A great product is the frag station which is a ceramic frag holder that will not cause any pH spikes in your reef aquarium. It has 5 or 10 holes (depending on size) and accompanying plugs for you to acclimate your frags in. The frag station
icon really makes adding new corals to your reef so much easier.

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Finally, handling your corals during adjustments and rearrangements requires delicate hands. Tools that are not designed for reef care can easily damage corals or frags. Only reef-safe epoxies should be used when adding new corals to your reef. Doctors Foster and Smith have great deals on coral tools

Reef care really can be easy if you have the right salt water fish tank supplies. Multipacks of supplements, ceramic coral stations, and coral tools are just a few of the supplies that can make your reef care much easier. So don’t be daunted by the thought of starting a salt water fiah tank. The results are definitely worth the effort!

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